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I am an experienced software engineer after having joined and worked at Accenture for more than two years. At this place, I became interested in consulting services where my role models could successfully integrate consulting and IT services to find solutions for problems as well as simplify business processes. In this environment, I developed insight in the continuous improvement of ideas with regard to organizations. From these and many more experiences I believe in my competency in handling consultations in my field, hence I humbly present my application for the position of strategy consultant at your organization.

My prowess in this field has been built on the basis of experience that I have gathered over the years as attested to by my attached CV. I, therefore, have a lot to offer to your organization if my application is considered. This comes from the skills and knowledge that I have attained while working at Accenture Services Private Limited, as a software engineering senior analyst. The following are some of the skills that I have relevant to the consultation job at your organization. In terms of relevant experience, I have five years of technology consulting experience as I had worked at Accenture. My critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills are based on my continuous demonstration of improvement of ideas that have added value in terms of performance, security and client savings. To crown it all, my communication skills are up to standard due to the exposure that I got from the Accenture where I conducted training in seminars and got high ratings.

The following are some of my competences that will be of great use at the capacity of strategy consultant. I will be in a position to have the strategic directions by clients be transformed to holistic digital, technology, organization strategies, and change management. This comes from the experience that I have gathered for analysis and problem solving through the generation of continuous improvement ideas in my field of work. Secondly, my experience in IT will come handy in matters of diagnosing business processes as well as organizational problems through leveraging analytics in determining the potential of clients in seizing new opportunities. In addition to that, I would be instrumental in problem-solving in various contexts such as global, economic, technology and social trends. My contribution to solving clients cases will be seen in coming up with innovative responses to complex business and Information technology challenges. In extension to this, I would contribute to modernizing and driving the costs of complex multinational IT infrastructures. Last but not the least I would be helpful in consultation purposes for the clients and implement changes that ensure successful transition to emerging trends.

I believe that working with your organization will further expose me to be a great assistant to many as well as utilize my skills to the maximum. From the above demonstration of my ability and the contributions that I will make in your company as far as strategy consultation is concerned, I once again request for your consideration. There be any additional information you might require from me, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time as well as forthcoming consideration.




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