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The code of conduct which envisages value and ethics is an integral attribute in organizations hiring or recruitment process. Upholding the company ethics is a fundamental step in sustaining individuals job position. Every company is charged with the role of making their values and the accepted code of conduct know by an employee either at the inception of the hiring process or during the employees orientation (Stroughton, Thompson & Meade, 2015). Presuming ethical labor force poses significant benefits to the company in various ways.

Ethical employees are perceived to harbor improved productivity and accountability about the firms mission and objectives realization (Dwoskin, Squire & Patullo, 2013). Accountable employees are substantially believed to manage their workplace deliberation time in an appropriately scheduled manner with minimal supervision. These individuals can meet deadlines and at times works overtime to realize the set productivity limit. More so, the accepted code of behavior fosters integrity, collaboration, dedication and teamwork spirit amongst the employees. Integrity and commitment are the key aspects that affiliates employees with their immediate workplace are steering them to deliver the best by working as a team.

Code of ethics mainly refers to the chunks of principles that a firm believes (Adelstein, & Clegg, 2016). These principles are envisaged in the companys mission and vision as they stipulate the policies by which the organization operates. Instituting a profound code of ethics is significantly vital for organizational growth and productivity stimulus effects. Walmart is an iconic global business whose core vision is to promote ownership of its ethical culture globally. The code of ethics formulation for Walmart would first require assessment of the companys vision, goals, values, and mission statement. These primarily forms the basis for generating a code of conduct that is employees friendly and sustainable in ensuring coordinative platform of workers engagement. Secondly, devising a user-friendly and transparent language holding onto the employees integrity, respect for each other, and excellent customer oriented services will be a fundamental step. Ultimately, the essence of integrating the general anticipations on ethical and unethical behavior will significantly serve to regulate the conduct of Walmart employees.


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