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The alignment of the managers role and the organizational structure has a direct impact on the organizations operation and performance. Typically, the alignment of the two has a great reflection on what value the organization can present in their output. Therefore, there is a great need for this alignment in any organization. The alignment, however, can affect the organizations ability to achieve its goals and objectives. Each manager has a role in shaping the organizations ability; however, their joint effort has a remarkable impact on the organizations improvement in achieving their goals and objectives.

Basically, there is a need for alignment of the managers role and the organizational structure. The alignment is needed for reducing disputes within the organization by generating documentation for legal purposes which is aimed at securing decision making ("The Role of the Manager in Performance Management", 2017). In addition, the alignment is required for clarifying accountability and increasing individual performance. This evaluation of performance is very vital especially in improving organizations output value.

Evidently, the alignment can impact on the organizations ability to achieve their strategic objectives through various ways. The alignment guarantees efficient communication which helps in a clear discussion of the performance objectives and goals. Consequently, there is a clear outline of the objectives progress within the organization. This helps in determining the progress of the organization thus they can analyze whether they are goal-oriented or not.

Key Concept Exercise

The managers of any organization have four major roles, planning, controlling, directing and organizing. They have the role of planning for the functions within the organization such as objectives strategies and goal orientation. Additionally, they control and monitor the activities of the organization such as employees performance. They also direct their juniors and solve any problem within the organization. Similarly, organize the activities within the organization through designating duties to each employee for easier evaluation of individual performance. The managers basically help in resource allocation and exploring the capability of the organization. Generally, they are entitled to management and designing the organization culture and practices. Apparently, the perspectives over the manger's role have changed drastically. People only believe that the managers have little authority in managing the organization. There is a perspective that they have only the role of disseminating duties and monitoring the performance of the workers.

The culture of an organization can take different forms such as functional structure and matrix structure. Under the functional structure, the organization is grouped in order of its purpose while the matrix structure, there is hybrid of the division of structures within the organization. However, the organizations structures have evolved with the role of management in most organizations such that the organization takes the suitable structure for easier management. Notably, the manager's role and the organizational structure support the goals of organizations. The managers are the key determiners of the organizational performance through regulating the activities of the workers. This ensures that the employees are always goal oriented. Consequently, the structure of an organization helps in duty allocation for easier monitoring.


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