Microsoft Corporation and Apple Inc.: Brief Description and Excellence in the Industry

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Brief Description of the Organization

Microsoft Corporation (MS) is a US-based multinational technology company whose headquarter is situated in Redmond, Washington. MS is well-established in developing, manufacturing, licensing and selling computer software, electronics, and personal computers. MS has excelled in the development of software products such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office suite and Internet Explorer and edge web browsers. Other related accessories associated with MS include gaming consoles, phones, tablets and intelligent devices that allow cloud computing. MS is a suitable choice for this task since it is among the key players in the technological industry.

Organizations Excellence in the Industry

MS has applied different operational strategies which have enabled it to achieve a global competitive advantage over its close rivals. The companys generic strategy for competitive advantage is attributed to its intensive strategies for global expansion. Such operational approaches are vital when it comes to optimizing organizational performances (Gregory, 2017, p3). Microsofts generic strategy indicates that company focused on achieving significant attractiveness in the development and supply of computer hardware and software products, in the industry comprised of various competitors. The intensive approaches applied by MS targets at guaranteeing the business growth and development. At the moment, MS is prioritizing on market penetration which involves traversing new markets globally. MS has utilized intensive marketing and sales in various markets such as Asia, Europe, and Asia, which has elevated the company to be a global market leader in the development of IBM-PC operating systems.

MS has utilized broad differentiation as part of its generic strategy to gain a competitive edge over its global competitors. MS is now focused on the operational approaches that are centered on its productivity and platforms. According to MS, productivity is aligned to its key Office apps which include Word, Excel, Power Point and other apps included in its software suite. It is apparent that MS has been excellent in the creation of best experiences for the users of Windows. This involved the development of products which targeted dual users (Foley, 2014, p2). MS also utilizes different platforms such as phones, tablets, Personal computers which operate on various operating systems as a single entity. It is apparent that constant product innovation is core to Microsofts competitive advantage globally. The companys broad differentiation generic strategy is also aligned towards the development of unique products. This involves designing and manufacturing of the hardware and software products which are difficult to be imitated by the competitors.

MS also utilizes product development as its secondary intensive growth approach, which has been vital in the success of its brand. The company develops the majority of its software products internally. However, MS also purchases technology as well as licensing intellectual property rights and overseeing third-party designing and development (Merchant, 2014, p470). The internal development enables MS to keep a closer technical control over its products. The internal product development also allows MS to decide on which modifications or improvements can be incorporated in the product development process. Innovation remains to be a crucial element in the success of Microsoft in the global market. This makes MS willing to venture into various new markets or adequately deal with disruptive technology trends.

Apple Inc.

Brief Description of the Organization

Apple Inc. is a US-based worldwide technology company with headquarters in Cupertino, California. Apple is a renowned global corporation in the development, designing, and selling consumer electronics and computer hardware and software in different international markets. Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac PC, iPod and Apple TV are some of the hardware products aligned to Apple Company. On the other hand, Apples consumer software is macOS and iOS operating systems. Apple Inc. was established by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Initially, the company struggled in penetrating the global market. However, it is the visionary leadership that made Apple Inc. penetrate technological markets worldwide. Apple Inc. is suitable for this task due to the dominance it has demonstrated in the industry.

Organizations Excellence in the Industry

Apple Inc. has employed different value creation strategies which have led to a significant success for its brand in the global market. Apparently, Apple is a great marketer, which has enabled it to penetrate various existing markets. In 2012, Apple was feted as the winner of the CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence (Moorman, 2012, p2). This can be attributed to Apples three thronged marketing principles which include: empathy, focus and impute. The empathy approach ensures that Apple understands the needs of the customers more than its rivals. The focus policy allows the company to eliminate unimportant opportunities thus prioritizing business opportunities that can enhance the growth of Apple (Moorman, 2012, p2). The impute philosophy provides the framework that helps Apple Inc. to present its products in a way that appeals that consumers. The application of these principles as its marketing philosophy has enhanced the companys valuation, worldwide.

Apple Inc. generic strategy in gaining a competitive advantage is through its focus on the customer experiences. The company has significant investments towards the delivery of products and services which meet needs of the customers, thus improving their satisfaction levels. For example, Apple Inc. hires a team of employees who empathetic and customer-obsessed. Steve Jobs who was the co-founder of Apple Inc. asserted that customers usually think of what they understand as opposed to what is possible (Moorman, 2012, p3). This is an indication that Apples management put a greater emphasis on the customer experiences to enhance the companys effort in creating a strong customer loyalty. Digital hub and entertainment highlighted Apples efforts in the building of the compatible experiences to its clients. This involves developing hardware and software tools which highly compatible with other platforms being offered by other corporation, such as Microsoft.

Product differentiation is also another approach implemented by Apple Inc. ultimately enabling the company to seize a significant global market share. Apple Stores enhances differentiation of products which enable the customers to have an extensive collection of the companys brand. Through differentiation, Apple Inc. increased the market demand which involved making its brand to be unique and appealing to customers. Apple usually designs its products to oust its rivals, which has helped it in coping with stiff competition in the industry (Nielson, 2014, p3). Product differentiation also allows Apple Inc. to use premium prices on its brand. This is facilitated by innovative advertising which increased brand loyalty. Apple has established artificial entry barrier hence enjoying dominance in the electronic and technological industry.



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