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The Texas Association of Business is a supporting group that mainly focuses on matters that affect various entrepreneurs in Texas. The group frequently bears out different issues during legislative conferences, advocating for lower taxes, less strict policies as well as low government expenditure. Despite the fact that Texas Association of Business campaigns for everyday business dealings, the group rarely works with unlikely associates. During a conference meeting in 2007, the group united with other liberal groups, like the Mexican American Legal Defense, American Civil Liberties Union and also the League of United Latin American Citizens to focus on immigration matters CITATION Gru13 \l 1033 (Grunig).

Becoming an affiliate member of the group is usually simple; the membership can make a huge difference in the development of any business organization in Texas. The group works hard to implement various legislations with the aim of changing business bills that undermine business operations. Texas Association of Business gives different business openings the power to make a difference. It has two types of membership; affiliate members and broker members. Broker members correspond to both business vendors and consumers; they assist private sellers in locating buyers for their businesses through sales platforms and mergers. Affiliate members provide a host of supplementary services to the business owners or consumers like business assessment, evaluations, consultations as well as real estate development CITATION Bur10 \l 1033 (Burgess).

The group offers insurance services to its members or related companies. Members also enjoy reduced group rates which result from the group's collective strength which mainly originates negotiating terms. The Affinity programs within the group are designed to generate resources for the group while providing special economic offers to its members or employees. The power of corporation benefits each member. The organization drafted legislative priorities for the 85th Legislative Conference, whereby it has been on the forefront making sure that Texas remains the best place to work, to establish and operate any business. The conference focused mainly on; Economic Development, Criminal Justice, Education and Workforce Readiness Taxation and Transportation CITATION Jac10 \l 1033 (Jackson).

The Texas Legislature has an outsized duty in addressing all critical business operations; however, they also have a grand opening in making legislative decisions so as to preserve as well as improve the financial prosperity for all the inhabitants in Texas. On a daily basis, Texas Association of Business gets itself at the Capitol advocating for economic business interests and also implementing strategies to tackle opinionated pressure from t the public.

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