Critical Thinking on Styles of Leadership and Management

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Critical thinking
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Womens style of leadership and management: Democratic Leadership

This type of leadership is described as one which contains the proponents of perfected and glorified impact, motivation, and intellectual simulation together with personalized deliberation, reflection, and meditation. This style is widely acclaimed as the best and most effective style of leadership. Leaders who have transformational leadership qualities have a large number of followers, who, just like their leader, portray behaviors which are linked to transformational leadership. These leaders are the type that encourages employees to have attitude changes (have a positive attitude in their personal lives) and this is going to produce massive positive changes for the company and also encourage innovation and invention.

Mens style of leadership and management: Authoritarian &Transactional Leadership

In transactional leadership, the primary focus is on supervision of the employees, the organization of the workers and the productivity of the entire group. This type is also known as managerial leadership, and it is a sort of leadership style whereby the leaders of the organization promote compliance and performance by using incentives, rewards, and appraisals together with punishments. This style is based on an exchange problem, and both the employer and the employees are aware of the value that is attached to the relationship. However, there isnt anything thats continuing or long lasting about it, and there is absolutely no engagement that takes place. In short, employers expect and demand certain specific work traits from their employees, and if they adhere and conform to them properly, then they are rewarded through financial or nonfinancial rewards.

Laissez-faire leadership

This type is also referred to as delegated leadership. The term laissez-faire refers to a policy or attitude of letting things take their course, without interfering. In this type of leadership, the leaders of the organization allow the workers and the subordinates to make all the decisions. This style is not encouraged because it insinuates that the leader does not want to fulfill and do his responsibilities and therefore passes them to someone else to handle them for him. The leader does not engage in anything constructive and is rarely aware of all the details of everything thats happening. He or she does not do anything to influence his employees and the effects of their work behavior. The leader rarely takes part in the decision-making process, and the employees are not aware of the company goals and objectives in detail. Laissez-faire leadership entails what is referred to as passive management-by-exception leadership (MBEP). This term is used to define leaders who do not get involved in any issues until when a crisis arises, and something has to be done urgently, they wait until the employees suffer greatly due to their actions or inactions.

Question 2

Regarding creative and routine jobs, the type of leadership style that works best is the transformational type. There are some characteristics which are popular with this kind of leaders, they include; ability to motivate their employees and instill confidence in them, they can articulate the companys goals and visions properly and more efficiently, they are willing to listen to suggestions by their employees or complaints, they share their beliefs and benefits concisely and precisely. This type of leadership means that the relationships between the employers and the employee and as such employees are motivated to work very hard and achieve their goals and objectives. This type of leadership increases employee engagement. For both creative and routine jobs, transformational type of leadership is best. For routine jobs, authoritarian and transactional forms of leadership are applicable since these styles are based on an exchange problem, and both the employer and the employees are aware of the value that is attached to the relationship.


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