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Human Resource Management refers to the management of human resources. Its purpose is to increase the employee performance in an organization to meet the organization's objective. The human resource department is responsible for the employee-benefits design, the recruitment of new hires, performance appraisal, giving rewards to employees and as well as training and the development of the workers. The overall role of the human resource management is to concern itself with the industrial relations as well as the organizational change (In Redman, In Wilkinson, & In Dundon, 2017).

The human resource management in an organization is responsible for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and as well as the affirmative action. Equal employment opportunity means that the management is free from discrimination its employees by their race, where they come from, religion, age or even disability but rather give all employees an equal opportunity. On the other hand, the affirmative action plans are used to define the standards of an employer towards hiring, recruiting and also helping in the promotion of the women, the disabled, the minorities and as well as the veterans. Through this, the human resource management acts in a way that is morally right and gives them the social obligation to correct any historical wrongs and also eliminate the present effects associated with discrimination in the past. The human resource management embarks on measures that are meant to increase the representation of the minorities in the organization. By taking the affirmative action, the management introduces training programs to help the employees improve their skills and expertise and also make outreach efforts (EEO Trust (Auckland, N.Z.), 2000).

The human resource management should ask themselves how an absolute position that needs filling fits into the needs of the organization and the benefit it will bring to the team by having a person to work in that particular sector. The human resource before recruiting a new staff in the organization they should ensure that they produce a detailed job description which should be based on the understanding they have of the needs that the business requires. The management should establish selection rules that they can use to acquire the employees.It will help them to choose the employees who have the skills needed rather than an employee who just fits in the culture of the organization. The management should list down the competence and experience they expect the employee to have so as to get that vacancy. They should use the selection criteria they have to act as a checklist and keep them on track especially when dealing with competing candidates. The management should conduct aptitude tests and also skills tests for the candidates they find to be suitable for the organization. They should decide who will carry out the interviewing process before the approval of a candidate.

The management is responsible for human resource development. It refers to the framework that is meant to help the employees improve their organizational skills, personal skills and as well as their abilities. The human resource development requires the management to carry out activities such as coaching, mentoring, participating in employee career development, employee training and organization development. The management should mainly focus on using the human resource development so as to develop the most superior workforce that is beneficial to both the employee and the organization and also achieves their objective towards ensuring customer satisfaction. Organizations tend to have human resource development opportunities both within and outside the working environment. Employee development is best implemented when they are mentored by a person who is more experienced (Clousson & Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 1974).

The management should ensure that their employees receive their benefits as well as their compensations. The remuneration and benefits involve the process of managing the expenses of the personnel or employees, setting up performance standards for the organization, established compensation policies that are transparent and the management introducing competitive benefits for employees. Compensation does not only include giving the employees their salaries but also giving them their direct and indirect rewards as well. The rewards they receive is an appreciation by the organization for an employees good work and the contribution they have made to the smooth running of the organization. The human resource management should develop a program which will help in dealing with the compensation and rewarding of the employees. The program should run in a manner that is fair to everyone. It will be of great benefit to the organization as it will help it to remain competitive in the labor market and ensure its sustainability in the future as the rate of employee turnover will be relatively low and also most people will be willing to work for the organization.

The human resource ensures that the health and safety of the employees while in the organization is highly maintained. The human resource management needs to understand their responsibilities towards their employers, managers, supervisors, and employees who are in the organization. They should establish effective ways that meet the health and safety needs as outlined in the policies of the organization. The organization should provide their employees with safety kits to protect them from any form of injuries such as gumboots and gloves. The management should ensure that the organization has membership in health and safety committees such as OSHA (United States, 1981).

Employee and labor relations as an aspect of human resource management assists in maintaining, developing, as well as improving employee relationships through performance management, communication, processing grievances, and interpretation of the organization's policies. Employee and labor relations involves problem prevention coupled with problem-solving. These problems involve the employees of an organization and, in one way or another, may affect their performance and work ethic. Employee relations acknowledge employees for service put towards the organization and offers assistance on professional growth. The latter is liable for the administration of collective bargaining agreements and any negotiation that may occur between two employee unions.

The staff which encompasses workers, supervisors, as well as the managers who suffer any difficulty in their jobs are advised to reach out to the relevant relations manager for assistance. Employee and labor relations department endorse positive professional interaction that aids in morale, enthusiasm, and satisfactory productivity.

Some aspects of Human Resource Management prove to be better than others. For instance, compensation and benefits as an aspect of human resource management are preferred to human resource development. This preference is because of benefits regarding direct and indirect rewards better the living standards of the employees. Compensation facilitates the management of expenses and offers employee incentives that motivate and boost work ethic among the workforce of an organization. Benefit and compensation programs in the workplace are responsible for maintaining the competitive nature of a company in the labor market in addition to ensuring sustainability. Human resource development, on the other hand, is an aspect inclined towards improving personal and organizational skills. So for individuals who have impeccable personal skills will feel that the human resource development issue is not of value to them as compared to having benefits and compensation.

When working in Human Resource Management capacity of a company that is rapidly growing, it sometimes becomes a challenge to stay on top of things. In a bid to maintain the companys culture, there a few key learning points that need to be incorporated. A person in this position has to know and understand the core business. Developing job descriptions play a significant role in comprehending the core business. ("6 things I learned from being an HR in Degordian - Degordian Education hub,") Employees need to grasp what they are doing, why they are doing it, how they do it, and the challenges they are going to face along the way. Fully understanding the core business enables the Human Resource Management to provide support on instances such as offsetting new processes and solutions.

Another key learning aspect in Human Resource Management is knowing that conflicts arise from undefined responsibilities and processes. Conflict arises from many things. Employees tend to exhibit different personalities, visions or might end up not clicking. The most common reason present in many organizations is the lack of clear procedures. Defining everything in a rapidly growing company is tough. Similarly, the company is not mature enough for this definition to be viable. So, the minute a conflict arises between two individuals, the Human Resource department has to investigate whether the collaboration process is clear and precise for both sides, whether it is user-friendly, and if both parties fully understand their roles and duties. The expectations of the employees must also be in sync. Setting clear rules through precise job descriptions coupled with defined processes improves the chances of working out their differences.

Transparent internal communication needs to be adopted by all Human Resource Management departments and agencies. As a company progresses, honest communication becomes tasking. It reaches a point where the employees become short of useful information. The management starts to distance itself from the people. So to ensure that communication is well defined and on time, several formal channels for communication have to be created. When it comes to bad news, communicating honestly to the individuals affected directly by the news is the best way. Sometimes we overlook the extent that honest information, relayed in good time can guarantee good feelings in people concerning the report.

Live lectures are one of the class activities and incidences that facilitate learning and understanding of the aspects of Human Resource Management. (Examples of Learning Activities Teaching and Learning University of Tasmania, Australia,) Oral information, combined with brief interactions like asking students to answer a related question. Say, ask the students a question that entails them to, summarize, explain, apply or classify a significant aspect of the information put forward. After questioning them, wait for a short while before randomly selecting a student to reply. After the response is given, invite another student to recap the initial reaction. Then again, if the first answer was not entirely precise, ask the second student to respond to the first student's answer. This activity would be, for the most part, applicable for supporting student development towards learning results with declarative facts about Human Resource Management.

An alternative class activity that enhances learning and understanding of Human Resource would be the use of multimedia content. By utilizing a Content File (HTML) that contains few questions, in the text. Proceed to ask students to record their replies in a linked, editable content file survey. Below the questions, place a survey link, include a short video from YouTube or Vimeo that encompasses information related to the posed questions. The questions asked will depend upon Human Resource Management learning outcomes. For instance, ILOs that need students to recognize might entail questions that highlight the relevant aspects of Human Resource or which necessitate students to recognize the...

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