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Tia Benjamin outlines various laws that are affecting Human Resource Management in the Houston Chronicle newspaper. Dated August 2017, Benjamin in his article states that each organization in addition to federal legislation has laws and regulations affecting Human Resource Management. The scholarly article tries to figure out the new rules and regulations that are set to either affect Human Resource management directly or indirectly. In the United States, federal legislation, there are laws that have been put in place to influence employment processes as well as labor relations in the organization (Dennison and Weber, 2015). The article similarly summarizes the role of Human Resource officials to control and implement mileage reimbursement for the employees. Tia Benjamin, a writer of organizational policies advocates for the importance of implementing such laws in his article to affect Human Resource Management.

The article writer, Tia Benjamin, ascertains that the new anti-discrimination law is one of the new regulations that will have to affect Human Resource Management directly. The organizational article writer examines the recent effects of the Anti-Discrimination law in consideration with its impact on Human Resource Management. The Houston Chronicle newspaper article supports the prohibition discrimination of employees on the factor rather the basis of color, gender, and even religion. The law applies to organizations that have employed more than twenty workers. The management team has no right to high and as well hire somebody for the reasons of his color or the gender of the individual. Thus, the article is made to create awareness that individuals, as well as organization management team, should act by this law when employing or even when the need arises to fire an employee. The statute thus affects Human Resource Management directly as it extends the prohibition of firing and hiring employees older than forty years.

Similarly, there are other new regulations such as the Wage and Hour law that has affected Human Resource Management in the recent past. Benjamin examines the fairness of this act to both the employees and their bosses in a given organization. Human Resource (HR) officials have come out to analyze the fairness of the implementation of this act in clubs. In their evaluation, HR officials state that the management team has a role to play in verifying the accuracy of wages paid to their employees. On the same note, the new laws established and implemented in the recent past requires that every employee should be paid extra fees for the additional hours he or she worked as stated in some clauses in this law (Grensing, 2015). Additionally, Human Resource managers ought to ensure that all employees are appropriately classified according to their job duties.

In the United States, organizations have come out to implement the Leave Provisions Act. The law concerning holidays and leaves for employees has created controversial issues among different Human Resource managers in various organizations in the United States. The resent established law requires that legible employees have a right to take a leave of up to 12-months and have a right to be paid for minimally three months of the leave. The Leave Provisions law has created misunderstanding among Human Resource managers as to why employees should be paid partly when theyre on leave. The Medical Leave Act which agitates for the rights of the family also ensures that 26weeks leave is permitted to any mother who is sick or her child is health suffering. Thus, Tia Benjamin in his article narrates the importance of this law and its consequences to the Human Resource Management. The laws also require that HR managers ought to understand and train its staff on the likely reasons to have a leave.

Summary of the Article

Tia Benjamin creates awareness on the importance of the recent laws affecting Human Resource Management through the Houston Chronicle newspaper. The August 2017 article examines the laws and regulations that have been established and implemented in regardless of their consequences to organizations. The August article narrates the Anti-Discrimination law and its importance to the foreigners working in the United States. The author of the article emphasizes on this law of Anti-Discrimination as he sites examples from various scenarios perceived to have biased its workers by skin color and gender. Thus, the author of the article, Tia Benjamin, stands to advocate for the rights of the workers through consideration of the new regulations affecting Human Resource Management in organizations.

The Houston Chronicle article also states the rights and responsibilities of a mother employee when having a leave. The author narrates to his audience on the importance of being aware and understanding the Leave Provision Law. Therefore, one is right to argue out that the article not only outlines the new laws that have been established but also creates the importance of understanding the new rules. About affecting the Human Resource Management, the author narrates on the role HR managers should play in paying those on leave in a specified time and educating the HR staff on supervision of leave.

The 2017 August article majorly emphasizes on the effects and the interpretation of the recent laws affecting Human Resource Management. About the Wage and Hour law, the author of the article agitates for payment for extra hours.

The Medical and Disability regulation

In the article, Tia Benjamin interprets on how federal laws require the employer to treat persons with disabilities as well as those who require medical attention. The recent established new law prohibits an employer from any way of discriminating employees who require medical attention (Noe, 2013). The author also narrates on the need for business organizations to develop services and accommodations for the disabled individuals. Also, the law requires that the privacy concerning medical information of a worker ought to be respected (Towers, 2016).

As discussed above, Tia Benjamin interprets the recently established laws that affect directly and indirectly Human Resource Management. The New rules are perceived to improve the rights of the employees as the author narrates. On the other hand, the new regulations laws have developed the relationship between workers and their employers as the article reads. The organizational article writer, Tia Benjamin ascertains the role that Human Resource managers should play. The report reveals on occasions that some organizations have discriminated people by skin color and hence solutions have been found through the recently established Anti-Discrimination law. The law protects the hiring and firing of workers within the age bracket of forty years. As discussed above, the article has outlines the consequences faced by the Human Resource Management in the midst of implementing the recent laws.


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