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Apart from helping an organization steer towards its goals, human resource professionals play a critical in supporting support line managers and members of the general staff. Notably, human resource personnel collaborates with line managers and staff members to identify the best way of aligning human labor to meet organizational objectives. On the one hand, employees expect their employer to reward them fairly for their labor and skills. On the flip side, line managers goal is to manage workers and align skills and resources to achieve organizational goals (Alfes et al., 2013). While Line Managers interests may be incompatible to those of staff members it is the role of Human Resource personnel to provide pleasant working conditions for both parties. By acting as advocates for both the enterprise and employees, Human Resource professionals provide outstanding support to line managers and staff members.

Three Ways HR Professionals Support Line Managers

Provide Guidance

Given that line managers oversee the daily management of people and ensure that staff complies with organization policies, Human Resource professionals offer guidance to direct managers. More specifically, HR professionals advise line managers on how to introduce and develop policies that ease efficient employee management. For instance, with support from Human Resource personnel, line managers establish employee engagement guidelines. Given that Human Resource professionals protect the interests of both enterprise and staff, they help line managers set up and implement flexible working patterns that facilitate achievement of goals and job satisfaction.

Regulation and Legislation

Since Human Resource management covers a wider scope than line management, Human Resource professionals support direct managers to complete technical activities encompassing regulation and laws in line with employment law ( Alfes et al., 2013). Before line managers can align employees skills to achieve organizational goals, Human Resource professionals must provide people with appropriate skills and knowledge. Consequently, Human Resource professionals support to line managers by helping in the recruitment process. They ensure that there are transparency and fairness in all levels of organization operations.

Learning and Development

Finally, Human Resource professionals support to line managers to establish and implement practical matters such as learning and development. For line managers to succeed in transforming human labor into organization goals, they need the support of HR professionals to formulate individualized learning and development chances. Through the support of HR personnel, Line Managers gain ideas of enhancing employees skills in line with long term organization strategies and goals.

Three Ways HR Professionals Help Staff

Resolve Conflicts

While conflict is a natural phenomenon in any workplace, organizations can only achieve success if they have effective conflict-resolution programs. Human Resource personnel support staff by helping mediating disputes among team members or between the employer and employees. Notably, HR professionals attempt to resolve issues such as insubordination, disrespectful behaviours, and poor attitudes.

Avail Essential Information

Human Resource professionals support staff by providing information meant to increase peoples productivity while at the same time enhancing working experiences. Through this information, members of staff understand their roles, rights, and expectations of the organization (Bratton &Gold, 2012).For instance, if an employee requires information on employment matters; it is the HR managers that provide the data. Also, these professionals interpret corporate policies to staff thus reduce the likelihood of employees being fired due to inappropriate behavior. Apart from creating awareness on rights, privileges, and compensation benefits, HR professionals support staff by providing confidential guidance on personal matters.

Advocacy and Employee Relations

Given that Human Resource managers act as advocates for organization and staff, these experts help staff by presenting those that feel that their employer has violated their rights. Members of the staff who face harassment or discrimination may approach human resource professionals for assistance (Bratton &Gold, 2012). These managers not only support staff in internal issues but also in legal matters.



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