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The first step in solving the conflict would be to understand the character or ego-structure of each member. This would be critical in understanding how they establish their identity, that is who among them is the contorting type or submissive type. I would talk to each member separately to understand the reactive beliefs they conform to and establish the predominant reactive type. Afterwards, I would bring the two members together and help them understand their contribution to the conflict, contrary to the expected ones. Through discussion and negotiation, I would determine the underlying problem and major issues with empathy and objectivity and decide the common ground between antagonists. Finally, I would classify and discuss possible solutions that meet the needs of both parties and the organization.

Leaders tend to be the main obstacles to the change they are trying to implement when moving from patriarchy to partnership. The inconsistency between their vision and devour rely on mixed information to the group and team members hence creating a climate of caution. Communication is blocked and the team seat on the fence waiting to see what happens. In this case, the change effort is not taken seriously, and the whole process collapses due to the ineffectiveness of sending a clear and conscious information.

Reactive dynamics create ineffectiveness in the group or team communications. Where two or more group members collide because of their differences in character, the communication process brakes down. The team would not be able to function as a unit contrary to the company expectations leading to poor performance. Understanding a reactive mind is the key to successful communication which in turn bears fruits for the team. Being able to control the ego-structure of each member enables the creation of a conversation and result fully.

Listening and understanding your team is the critical strategic communication skills discussed in the reading. A leader does not have to give direction, through listening and understanding your team would ensure that communication flows smoothly. Besides, by observing your body language and facial expressions, giving directions in line with the message you are trying to put across would help drive your point. It doesn't matter if people agree with you or not, but as long as it is of value to the team and the organization.

Learning ways of handling conflict is an important management skill that can help keep employees from conflicts that may hinder their professional growth and performance. The most effective steps in managing team conflict are by first understanding the character or the ego structure of the members involved. In most cases, disagreements in groups arise due to differences in ideas and how to implement them. Let the concerned parties understand their contribution to the crisis separately. Then bring the parties together to iron out the issues and discuss the ways of meeting the common goal. This would include communicating, listening and brainstorming together. I would then define the barricades to the common goal and agree the best way to resolve the conflict. Finally, I would classify and discuss possible solutions that meet the needs of both parties and the organization. Both parties would have to own their responsibility and express what they have agreed to in the resolution of the conflict.


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