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After so much consideration and brainstorming, the members were able to come up with a team name The Eagles which reflects the team's ideas and one that will motivate the team to do better in this project.

Team Details

Team members Contact Details

Janet Jones+1 342 523 434

Andrew Winows+1 435 432 877

Wendy Jackson+1 545 773 232

Eliot James+1 675 234 122

Peter Johnsons+1 549 988 567

Overview of the Project

The project relates to the Riverina Agriculture and Lifestyle Show (RALS) which is an event that donates all show gate takings to the charity Indegenous Community Volunteers (ICV). In order to be able to donate these gate takings to IVC, the RALS depends majorly on volunteers who are needed for a wide range of activities such as handling ticket sales at the gate. This coordination has always been done manually. However, due to the strong growth of RALS and the increased number of volunteers and a need for compliance, the process has become tedius and time consuming. Globex requested Virtucon to help it in developing a computer-based system which will be a replacement of its current manual processes to help keep track of all the RALS volunteers.

Project Description

The project will feature the development of a computer based system that will capture the basic information of all volunteers, as well as the organizations that they work for. The following information must be captured. Please note the activities are not limited to this list.

Name and contact of volunteer

The Role chosen by the volunteer

Relevant qualifications and certifications

Organisation that he/she is volunteering on behalf of

Days and times available

Days and times allocated

Meal / Drink vouchers allocated

Team Charter

Skills and Knowledge Inventory

In this documentation, each member was analyzed,and their skills outlined below;

Janet Jones - She possesses leadership skills and data mining skills.

Andrew Winows - He has time management skills and biometric configuration skills.

Wendy Jackson - She has project planning skills and pattern recognition skills.

Eliot James - He has good negotiation skills.

Peter Johnsons - He has information systems development skills.

Roles and Responsibilities

Team membersRoles and responsibility

Janet JonesTeam leader (guide the team in all its endeavors)

Andrew WinowsTime manager (ensure the team is working on schedule)

Wendy JacksonTeam planner (plans the teams activities)

Eliot JamesAct as the teams spokesperson

Peter JohnsonsKnowledge management (manages team information)

Team Communications

The team will communicate through a Whatsapp group, Google hangouts, and even through emails.

Meeting Times and Location

All meetings will be held on Wednesdays at the Confrence hall of Globex. All relevant documents will also be stored in the cloud database of the company for ease of access.

Team Rules and Expectations

The team members are required to avail themselves for every meeting to ensure progress of the project.

Punctuality would be adhered to to prevent time wastage.

Every member of the group is expected to complete the tasks assigned to them in the best possible way and within the time stipulated.

Each member of the team should work on the project in a manner that reflects the team value statement and ethical statement.

Team Values

With great integrity, ambition and courage, the team recognizes its ability to contribute towards encouraging the community and the world to trust in the user-friendly technological systems.

Code of Ethics

As The Eagles team, the members will be dedicated to providing ethical solutions to the current prevailing technological hitches while upholding the highest code of standards and at the same time respecting personal privacy.


Team memberssignatures

Janet Jones

Andrew Winows

Wendy Jackson

Eliot James

Peter Johnsons

Part 2

Learning Cycles

To ensure accountability of the project, the team decided that the leader should also become the team organizer while Wendy Jackson becomes the scribe to document any ideas as the project is completed. However, after every meeting, the roles will be rotated so that responsibility is equally shared among the members.

Understanding of the project

Office and User Productivity Support Systems

The project relates to this form of system as it helps users to coordinate everyday tasks such as creating documents as well as communication. It is a simple form of technology that most organizations adopt when going paperless.

How data will be collected Document Processing Systems will be used to enable users to feed in information into the system.

How data will be stored and retrieved Document Management Systems will be used to store and organize the documents. The main goal here is that it becomes easier to find the required documents by ensuring that they are placed in a central storage.

What if the volunteers are too many? Currently, it is unclear as to how the system will be adapted to cater for a large number of volunteers than is anticipated.

What if one wants to change the role assigned? It is still unclear as to what wwill be done to avoid confusion and loss of important data incase a volunteer wants to change his or her role after the show has began.

What about privacy? It is not known how the system will store specific information without personal details to distinguish one anonymous voluneteer from the other.

Table 1: What is known about the Project

Part Three

Communication Plan

The team will need to liaise with different stakeholders such as Globex company manager, the Globex ICT department and the various volunteer organizations. As it may be difficult to always meet with the managers of these companies in person, the team will communicate with them via emails and skype when needed.

Part Four


Fortunately, all the members of the team have worked as interns in different IT companies where they gathered some expertise in the field of technology and also got to work within the setting of a team. In the companies that members worked for as interns, they were placed in teams,working with other individuals while respecting each other. Acknowledging each persons ability was core to the success of the teams missions. It is necessary for a team leader to have a lot of knowledge about the people he is working with, that way he will be able to distribute work depending on each persons capabilities. An IT manager should also be concerned with the welfare of his team members. A manager should also be able to integrate all of the members in decisions that directly affect them. It is no wonder that the most successful IT managers have a record of planning, organizing, and negotiation skills. Listening skills,risk management skills and communication skills are also necessary.This combination will see the success of any IT project coupled with relevant technical expertise.



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