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Dear Mr. or Ms. Addressee:

The use of mobile phones in the workplace has become quite inevitable especially since the phones have basic needs

for most people. They are efficient regarding direct communication, maintenance of privacy and efficient in alerting individuals during emergency situations. However, there is need to have policies that govern the use of mobile phones in the workplace as their use has proven to interfere with the daily output. Our organization respects everybodys privacy and freedom. Nonetheless, the distraction that the phones exhibit has become an issue of the focus put on daily activities. Also, since there is the free internet connection, most people spend their time online and hence fail to deliver their work on time. My request is to have a strict policy that regulates the use or mobile devices in the workplace.

First and foremost, the mobile devices interfere with individual focus whereby one feels the need to check what is happening online. I have noticed that most people check their phones during their duties and not necessarily when on breaks. The frequent checking results in time wastage which in return results in a low output.

It is acceptable to spend some time off work and just allow the mind to relax especially when there is too much pressure from work. The problem arises when too much time is spent on the devices instead of connecting with other members in the workplace. Much time is spent on screen rather than spending time in the company of colleagues which I believe interferes with sharing of information on the activities taking place in each department in addition to diminishing the relevance of interpersonal skills.

My suggestion is to have a policy that governs the use of mobile devices such as no using of phones during meetings and the placement of a location where people can use to make or receive calls without interfering with the normal activities.


Your Name

Part 2) Bad News Email

Dear colleagues,

As the assistant manager of the GO-GET initiative that began in 2014, I take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and support provided by every member of the company to ensure that the goals and objectives of the project are achieved. Most of us spent sleepless nights and worked overtime to ensure that the project was going as planned and that the objectives were being met on time. Be that as it may, I am in conflict with the most difficult duty that I have had to deal with from the time I began to work in the company. We are all aware of the fire that took place three weeks ago whereby some of our colleagues are still in the hospital recuperating from the injuries. Most of the documents and resources regarding the project were destroyed by the fire and hence quite difficult to put together the whole project. Furthermore, there are no adequate funds to restart the project. I have discussed with the other managers on how to go about the project but beginning the project has proved to be a challenge.

I am aware that the project had the potential not only to make changes in the company but also in the lives of the employees. Nonetheless, due to the circumstances, I am sincerely sorry to notify you that the GO-GET initiative project has been terminated as of 5th October 2017. The termination implies that all positions in the project are dismissed included the secretarial position.

I take this opportunity to appreciate the work that you did concerning the project from the time it commenced. Please get in touch with the companys management if you have any questions regarding the bad news.


Part 3) Memorandum

TO: All Members of Staff

FROM: Name, Regional Manager of Allen Security

DATE: October 5, 2017

RE: Random drug screening for all employees of Allen Security

The memo aims to address the policy regarding drug screening in the workplace whereby the company is planning to switch from the pre-employment drug screening to a random drug-screening for all employees. The current policy at Allen security states that all individuals, interested in working in the organization, must pass the pre-employment drug screening for them to become part of the organization. The organization is a drug-free zone to ensure adequate conduct among the employees and also when the employees interact with the clients. Also, as you are all aware, no further tests are carried out unless the supervisors suspect that an employee is using drugs while working. It is important to note that the company takes consideration of all opinions and concerns from the clients and other stakeholders. In the past few weeks, the management has received suggestions from several clients on the need for changing the pre-employment drug screening policy such that it becomes a random drug-screening for each member of staff. The basic argument is that the risk associated with the job in terms of life and property makes it important to have employees who are alert and ready to meet their needs. After comprehensive consultations with the other managers and the companys attorney in addition to considering the nature of the organizations work, it is necessary to switch from the pre-employment drug screening to a random drug screening. The policy will be implemented in three weeks and, therefore, it is expected for all employees to comply with the new rule. Any question regarding the new policy should be forwarded to my office by the end of this week.

Thank you for your understanding.


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