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Some businesses fail to understand the importance of a safe working environment for employees satisfaction, and this affects their performance and that of the organization as a whole. Working environment consists of two critical dimensions - work and context. Research shows that the perception of the work environment by the employees is a critical aspect of job satisfaction and also affects employee attitudes (Jun & Cai, 2010). There is a direct association between work environment and the fundamental element of the jobs physical and social working conditions. Ignoring the working environment within an organization can have adverse effects on the performance of employees in an organization, which will, in turn, affect the organizations performance in a negative way. A good working environment includes; employees safety, job security, good relation with co-workers, recognition for excellent performance and motivation. Once employees realize that they are valued, they stay committed and even develop a sense of ownership of their organization (Jun & Cai, 2010).

Having safe and conducive work environments has a positive impact on employee motivation. Maintaining high morale in a group can benefit an organization in several ways. For instance, the workforce can record better performance in fewer hours, while also recording high and consistent attendance hence reducing the unplanned loss of work days. Increased productivity from employees will not only boost the organizational performance but also create a satisfied customer base. Low morale, however, can bring additional expenses such as high employee turnover and attrition rates, and low production. The increase in costs by the organization in attempting to maintain a knowledgeable and qualified workforce, together with the reduction in production capacity will reduce the productivity and profitability of the firm. It is therefore essential to consider fundamental factors that affect the confidence of employees in a business organization.

In November 2004, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) charged general motors' (GM) powertrain plant in Massena, with six serious safety infringements. OSHA is responsible for ensuring that the work environment does not pose an unnecessary risk to the employees. The charges leveled against GM include scarce guarding of moving parts of a machine and failure to evaluate the demand for personal protective equipment to workers. Due to this unsafe working environment, the production of employees reduced and hence affected the companys products as well (Korzynski, 2013).

The best practice encourages performance and professionalism within the organization. The internal relationship in a group is a very fundamental aspect of development and prosperity of any firm. This observation implies that the relationship between the stakeholders of any organization should be managed at optimal levels to promote performance. One of the critical stakeholder groups is the employees, who also form the internal market of the company. The importance of this segment of stakeholders is evident in the fact that an entire department, human resource, covers and protects the well-being and interest of employees. A well-motivated and contented employee is committed to the organization and creates an environment that promotes efficiency within the company. It is therefore advisable that all agencies set up a functional HR department to ensure that the welfare of all stakeholders is taken into account.

GM illustrates poor ethical practices. Organizations should act to protect the welfare of their employees since they are not only useful resources for the company, but also enjoy fundamental human rights. In failing to provide a safe working environment, the organization risked its employees lives for the sake of profit. Unethical practices should be prevented by creating policies and practices, establishing a procedure for reporting contravention of ethics and their resolutions through building staff understanding about ethics prospects, developing a culture of transparency and communication within the organization.


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