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Read the two articles listed in the Project #1: Summary/Response Requirements file. Decide which article you want to use for your Summary/Response Essay. You will need to read and annotate the article several times with different purposes in mind. If you do, you will be well prepared to write this essay!

Answer all of the following questions. Submit your answers to the Dropbox: Assignment Pre-writing.

Purpose and Audience

As you read through the article you choose, answer the following:

What is the authors main purpose?

The authors primary objective is to illustrate the enhancement of recycling habits via the utilization of a revolutionized technology which uses previously inanimate objects.

What is the thesis statement? (HINT: Identify a single sentence rather than a paragraph.)

A revolution in technology is allowing previously inanimate objectsfrom cars to trash cans to teapotsto talk back to us and even guide our behavior. But how much control are we willing to give up?

Who is the targeted audience? You may have to do a little research about the publication that this article appears in to answer this question.

The targeted audience is based on the entire worlds population in which each is a member of popular social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Explore Rhetorical Strategies

How does the author of your article use the following rhetorical strategies? Give a specific example for each one:

Fact vs. opinion: is the authors writing based more heavily on fact or opinion? How do you know this? How are facts proven/not proven?

The author is based on facts since in each of the discussed health or behavior enhancing habits; there is a team of medical experts who develop health enhancing facts. The facts are proven by these medical experts since they affirm if your practices are either right or wrong.

Logos: Does the author develop his/her points enough through reasoning and logic?

The author develops his or her points with enough reasoning since all of the human habits that are being analyzed; focus on the well-being of the entire human race. Each practice encourages or discouraged is for the enhancement of ones existence.

Logos and Ethos: Does the author present him/herself as credible? Does the author use enough examples and sources to back up the points?

The author has presented him or herself in a very credible manner since he or she has provided a reason for the discouragement of particular habits and also has provided reasons for the encouragement of individual practices. The author has also used enough sources to back up his or her point since she has used facts determined by various experts in the medical and technological fields.

Audience: Does the author achieve his/her purpose with the intended audience? How, or how not? Identify strategies used or missing.

The author has achieved the purpose of creating human beings aware of the essence of this new technology and its positive impact on the society at large. The use of technology is one of the strategies used to overcome the geographical barrier in the enhancement of health. Creating a decision-making model is a business strategy that will convince human being on the goodness or badness in their habits hence problem-solving. Creation of a prototype of the model to test its efficiency has created a positive attitude among the targeted audience.

Pathos: How well do the author appeal to the readers emotions, sympathies, and values?

The author has not appealed readers emotion, sympathies, and values since he has not discussed the adverse cultural practices which have a significant influence on ones habits.

Word choice and tone: is it appropriate to the intended audience?

The word choice and tone is appropriate since it convinces the audience to embrace this newly developed model.

Is word choice biased or manipulative? Fair and balanced?

The word choice is biased since it has not considered the diversity of culture and social existence. It is also neither fair nor balanced since it has not covered the various backgrounds of each human being.

Identify the writers tone and how this helps/hinders the message.

The writer has used a persuasive tone which has helped the author in convincing the audience to embrace the new ideas being presented on this new technological advancement.

Choose your strategies

Pick three of the above strategies that you will assess in your Summary/Strong Response essay.

1) Facts vs. Opinion

2) Logos and Ethos

3) Pathos

Now, use this information to help you find the major points you will make in the response portion of the Summary/Response essay.

Work Cited

Morozov, E. (2017). Is Smart Making Us Dumb? WSJ. Retrieved 4 September 2017, from


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