Annotated Literature on Why We Are So Scared of Zombies, How Science Is Involved in Zombies

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Lauro, Sarah Juliet, and Karen Embry. "A zombie manifesto: The nonhuman condition in the era of advanced capitalism." boundary 2 35.1 (2008): 85-108.

This source talks about zombies in different perspectives. It notes that there are zombies everywhere, such as In neuroscience, there are zombie agents, in computer science there are zombie functions. We even find zombie dogs, zombie corporations, and zombie raves in the news (Lauro and Karen 86). Therefore, it seeks to define the negative characteristics of the zombie so as to understand why it is considered from such a perspective. It also seeks to understand why human beings have become so captivated by the idea of zombies.

The authors, genre and audience are important ideas for the current study as they all play a role in the understanding of why zombies are feared. The authors, in this case, are not merely the film lovers, but a scientist as well since the term zombie is not only used in referral to the walking dead kind of being, but also computer functions. The article is dated 2008, which is a bit old, but still important as it shows what view people had on the issue a few decades ago.

This article has strength because it features various citations of the works of other scholars. Therefore, there is reliability on the arguments made within the content. In addition, it has authors and a known date of publication. Unfortunately, there are weaknesses in the sense that it is older than 10 years. Also, the academic background and professional qualifications of the authors are unknown.

Since the paper has various arguments that have been borrowed from cited sources, it can be used to also back up the arguments presented in the current study.

Goff, Philip. "The Zombie Threat to a Science of Mind." Philosophy Now 96 (2013): 6-7.

This source focuses on the description of a philosophical zombie, which is said to be quite different from the Hollywood zombie. Goff (6) describes the previous as an exact physical duplicate of a human being that lacks consciousness. Basically, it has all its five senses functioning just like the real human being. This author seeks to argue that philosophical zombies are indeed existent.

The author, genre and audience of the article are important because the paper focuses on identifying how real zombies are in real life, and why people should be scared about it. The timeliness of this source matters to the current study as it is within the last 10 years. Therefore, it is still a reliable and valid source. It can be used effectively as a backup for any arguments made on the existence of zombies, as well as on their characteristics.

In relation to a research project, this article has specific strength and weaknesses which will determine its validity and reliability. It has strength in that it has an author and date of publication. The paper has been presented effectively, with points flowing swiftly from one to the other. This research provides several arguments which can be presented in the present study. Unfortunately, this may not be enough since there are more specific weaknesses. Various arguments have been made within the content of the paper, but no references to research or other sources have been included. Thus, it is possible that the author is simply making up the arguments. Another weakness to take note of is the fact that no background has been given on the author. It is unclear as to whether he is one of the well known philosopher or yet anpther fictional writer.

This essay, therefore, will be used in the present study for the sole purpose of showing the various definitions of a zombie and why they are so fearful.

Leonard, Alison E. "Aliens, Zombies, and a Volcano." Curriculum & Teaching Dialogue, vol. 16, no. 1/2, Sept. 2014, pp. 139-144. EBSCOhost, this article, the author focuses on the inner meaning of the word zombie, alien and a volcano. It is argued that zombies are simply a depiction of real life characters or incidences which people are scared of. Here, it is not considered a real life living organism. The audience are important ideas to consider in the actual research as it will explain why people are scared of zombies even when they have actually seen none in their lives. The author and genre are also important as they reflect how sometimes what we expect to be true is actually just fictional. This source is recent, which makes it more reliable and valid for the research.

One of the strength of this research article can be noted by the fact that the author conducted first hand research. In addition, points and arguments have been backed up by various sources which have been cited within the context. This paper does not seem to have a visible weakness. This article, therefore, will also be used for the purpose of making arguments and descriptions of a zombies characteristics.

Hannah, Erin and Rorden Wilkinson. "Zombies and IR: A Critical Reading." Politics, vol. 36, no. 1, Feb. 2016, pp. 5-18. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1111/1467-9256.12077.This paper borrows from the definition of zombie as given by various authors, to help teach more on politics. The descriptions given to the film zombie is employed in real life situations and problems such as gender inequality to help students to better understand the problem, and how it destroys the community.

The audience of the article are also inclusive of the internal relation students who need to better understand how the political world functions, and what can be done to minimize the effects brought about by the various zombies present in the system. Thus, zombies are also given negative characteristics in this source. The source is recent, hence is more reliable to the research.

A strength of this source is that the authors background is indicated at the beginning, making it easier to believe the arguments made. These arguments are also backed up by additional research. Weaknesses may be the fact that it is not directly linked to zombies from the movies. Thus, more interpretation will be required. This source will be used to support arguments on why zombies are feared despite being abstract and non existent.

Lawton, Graham. "Fright Night." New Scientist, vol. 220, no. 2945, 30 Nov. 2013, pp. 43-45. EBSCOhost, source provides a direct answer to the research question. It tries to understand why people still choose to embrace horror, despite it having such a toll on their emotions and sense of security. Although it focuses on fear in general, the article is a good addition to the current research as it seeks to understand why people fear things, some of which are not even existent. The source is recent, which makes it valid and reliable for the current research.

The audience is the general public as people love different types of films which feature horror stories. Therefore, they are important as the current research will consider their point of view when trying to understand why people fear the unknown.

A strength of this story is that it goes deeper in trying to describe its position on the issue of horror movies. However, it does not have any sources cited and is focused on the authors viewpoints. This, therefore, can only be used to give peoples opinion on the matter being studied.Harnad, Stevan. "Why and how we are not zombies." Journal of Consciousness Studies 1.2 (1995): 164-167.

This source argues that it is impossible to determine whether zombies exist, and their true characteristics. It argues that zombies may also refer to robots in our environment, but people just dont see resemblance just yet. This paper is important to the current research as it seeks to demystify the presence of zombies in real life, as is depicted in films. The timing, however, is rather outdated; but it is still important for the current study as it sheds more light on the viewpoints of individuals at the time.

A strength is the fact that the author is a scientist, hence it is possible that arguments made are relevant. In addition, sources have been cited within the content of the paper. Unfortunately, it is a bit outdated, hence arguments may not be strongly held.

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