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The article Pioneering ESA mission depicts the intention of The European Space Agency to launch an artificial solar eclipse by 2020.The European Space Agency`s mission Proba-3 are core founders of the ideas to make an artificial solar eclipse. The article explains the two satellites that will be used to observe the sun then they use the information from space to establish a human-made solar eclipse.

The article illuminates in the process of availing information from space using coronagraphs-satellites; one with a small size whereas the other with big spacecraft. Ideally, the small satellite will be flown between the sun whereas the large satellite will have cameras embedded in it to reveal the glow of the sun`s corona. Ideally, the coronagraph captures the images that are close to the sun hence helping to produce artificial solar eclipse through offering a glimpse of the sun`s vicinity.

The coronagraph is designed so that the camera and disc satellites operate like a single coronagraph. Once a complete lap around the sun is achieved the orbit will result to an artificial eclipse. Therefore, the large satellite will be capturing the images of the corona that will provide a conceptual framework of the solar eclipse.


The Author has demonstrated his research prowess by expressing an expert research and giving non-biased information, however, space exploration is not a new concept in the universe. Astronauts made numerous visits to space, but the exciting aspect of this mission is that engineers want to build a temporary solar eclipse. The Author has given analytical information point of view by simplifying complex concepts using simple vocabulary.

Also, the huge spacecraft is vividly explained. Although the use of satellite to obstruct the brightest light rays emanating from the sun is not new, the Author has given an elaborate explanation of the science. The Author has pointed out scientists have made observations of the corona for many centuries during the evolution of solar eclipse. Regarding this, the use of coronagraphs is a technology that the Author has explained in length.

On the contrary, the Author admits the problem of dealing with stray light is still hectic. The mission is meant to use the same technology to explore the inner core of the sun. It`s observed the Author does not classify the technology or improvisation that is applied scientist to make a temporal solar eclipse.

The Author has failed to address the challenge of guarding the satellites in regard safety and positioning of the coronagraph. The technical review and of the technology framework is not addressed. Therefore, its noted inadequate intelligence software, sensors, and technologies that will facilitate monitoring of the progress.

Teaching Techniques

The author is using diagrams to demonstrate the real picture of the set up. The techniques are effective as it boosts the understanding of the concepts by visualizing and representing information in a simplified way. For instance, the diagrams demonstrate the practicality aspect of the camera is set up in the satellites. As such, pictures give a backup to an already explained phenomenon.

Besides, it proves that whatever being demonstrated is real and can be implemented. The picture demonstrates a coronagraph with two satellites; a camera and disc satellite. Therefore, illuminating and improving the conceptualization of the reader. Of course, this is a common technique that is applied in all works of life as it is acceptable as the most convenient way of giving a summary.


The article gives an elaborate and detailed information regarding the improvisation of artificial solar eclipse by ESA. The Author has embraced the use of various aspects of simple language and diagrams to support his arguments.

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