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The magic plus band and My magic plus are two technological innovations that have a great potential in offering services of digital connections. The magic band is a wearable device with a RFID chip which sends and receives long-range radio signals which facilitate the movement of information. This is a technology applied by Disney in its theme park to offer a futuristic experience associated with high-quality services. Disney offers these wearables which are available to all visitors of the Magic Kingdom. It allows the hosts within the different parts of the park to receive information about the visitors before they arrive and thus allows to familiarize with them before they arrive and meet their needs in a flawless and futuristic manner. The wearable facilitates the transfer of information related to the food the visitors wishes to order at the restaurant. I also provide the position of their table, the booking of the various attractions, the location of where they would be seated, and they can also be used to make is a great technology that helps in the delivery of services to the customers even before they want it. On the other hand, My Magic Plus is the online platform in the form of digital systems upon which the technology operates on (KUAN, 2015).

The use of this technological innovation applies for several jobs in the park. It can accomplish the task of guiding visitors through the park. The band can be used to develop a path through the park based on the attractions the visitors have chosen for themselves. The park is big, and it may provide a simple route to the park and ensure the visitors do not get tired of the hassle of traversing the vast park (KUAN, 2015).

At substitutes, the paperwork needed within the park for booking and identification through the different attraction. The wearable devices have personal details about the visitor which is loaded once they book tickets online. The wearable is delivered to the visitors before they visit the attractions. The Disney servers fill in personal details on preferences of the visitor and are also loaded in the wearables. When they visit the parks, the wearable communicates information to different systems within the park that help replace paperwork and identification.

Another job that the Magic plus Band wearables can do is to offer payment services within the park. This is very important because it is linked to financial services such as credits cards and other modes of payment. It reduces the need to use cash in the park and allows the visitors to have access to different attractions in the park that had not been booked before the visit (Meola, 2016).

The other job that the wearable performs is acting as an automatic system of identification within the park. It is usually loaded with information that is in sync with the servers of the park. Once a visitor visits an attraction, all they have to do is place their bands on an identification system which then authenticates their identities and allows them to pass through. This has been very beneficial because it reduces the hassle of queuing long lines to get access to different attractions within the park (Manokha, 2017).

The Magic plus Band system is an effective system in offering a futuristic user experience. The main objective of its founding was to create a different feel that resonated with the design for the park. The park was established with the view of offering a different world to visitors. It was meant to offer a form of [psychological hack capable of developing a different form of intimacy with the visitor. It is a vision that was established by Walt Disney Himself. He wanted visitors to feel as if they were in a story. The Magic plus Bands offer the same kind of experience but in a more futuristic manner. The success of the application of the devices is based on a great design that facilitates comfort and convenience. The devices have also be developed in a manner that can handle big data movements in different parts of the park.




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