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In todays world, smartphones play a crucial role in peoples lives. They have made their lives much comfortable and easier. Technology is solely responsible for incorporating comfort into human beings day-to-day life. It has changed their approach to things while at the same time improving the standards of living. Technology has undergone a lot of expansion in various areas including smartphones, which are communication gadgets offering excellent functionality and usage to individuals. This essay looks at the positive impact of smartphones on the society.

There is no denying that, as smartphones improve, peoples lives become much easier. Nowadays, these devices facilitate ease of communication, enable people learn new things, contain applications that make life easier, and even develop businesses. Sending a message on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are instances of how smartphones help people communicate and stay in touch. When it comes to finding out new things, they make it quite easy to get answers to any questions anywhere and anytime. All a person has to do is use it to access the internet and type a keyword on a search engine. In addition, there are numerous smartphone applications that make users lives easier, such as those with maps and which indicate weather patterns. Also, the ability to send and receive emails via cellphones is an indicator of how they can take care of and develop business (Page, 39).

Smartphones are a crucial tool for consumers as they allow users to access commerce related information, look for discounts, and buy products. According to Page (42), M-commerce is undergoing rapid growth and is expected to expand even further in the future. Also, mobile marketing with the use of cellphones allow entrepreneurs to engage with potential customers in new ways. Such a situation is particularly favorable for small businesses as it presents them with a cost effective way of getting in touch with new audiences.

The instant messaging and text functions of smartphones can be used to assist people suffering from vocal communication issues. Certain conditions, like diseases of the vocal cords and some forms of autism, make patients be unable to vocalize words despite having the ability to understand them. Smartphones present them with an unobtrusive and portable way of typing what they wish to say rather than having to speak it loudly. Some devices even have text-to-speech (Bort-Roig, 673).

Today, smartphones have made it much easier than before for people to stay in contact with family members and friends, particularly for those who travel a lot. Cellphone-based services such as instant messaging and SMS encourage communication between users merely by their convenience, allowing them to remain more or less in constant contact. In addition, being in possession of a smartphone allows an individual to make emergency calls immediately without having to waste time searching for a landline telephone to call from. According to Bort-Roig (681), authorities are aware that most 911 calls are made from cellphones, thus recognizing them as a vital tool for public safety. There is even a text-to-911 feature that enables users to request emergency help through texting under certain circumstances. Even in cases of non-emergencies such as a vehicle breakdown, smartphones make asking for help a lot easier and safer. Old fashioned cellphones are capable of making calls and sending text messaging. As much as this can pass the message across, smartphones offer better and more advanced means of communicating. In addition to calling and texting, they give the user access to video calling and conferencing as well as email. A person can also remain connected via social media. Another top feature of smartphones is their access to the internet. Initially, web browsing was restricted to a desk within an office setting where a wire could reach a computer. Laptops and wireless access made the web to be accessed from pretty much anywhere in an office or home. However, it is smartphone technology such as wireless broadband that has totally expanded access to the worldwide web. In addition, the latest smartphones are capable of displaying almost as much of the internet as personal computers, such as streaming high definition video clips and games.

With a smartphone, it is possible to merge several electronic devices into one. In the past, an individual had to carry around a number of devices required for day-to-day business activities. They included a cellphone, PDA, MP3 player, GPS device, a camera and an e-book reader. A decent smartphone is capable of combining all those functionalities into it. The cellphone-sized has miniaturized hardware that contains a processor, camera, speakers, Wi-Fi adapter, GPS receiver, and touch-sensitive screen. While the late twentieth century witnessed a mushrooming of computer applications, the subsequent one brought with it a litany of smartphone apps. The device has built-in sensors, is programmable as well as portable; characteristics that make it possess virtually unlimited applications. In addition to the many productivity apps and games available, there are fitness and health apps that track the distance run by consumers, calories consumed, and even the current heart beat rate. Podcast and online radio apps connect people with a whole new world of audio streaming. Leveling, flashlight and compass apps offer handheld utilities. Applications that allow the user to create music, modify pictures or paint boost peoples creativity.

Considering that millions of people currently own smartphones, businesses consider them crucial in their communication systems. This is particularly the case for small to medium-sized (SMBs) and start-up businesses, with more and more of them integrating the devices in their day-to-day operations. Smartphones facilitate smooth communication even in far-flung and remote areas. Any entrepreneur is aware that business can take place anywhere; meaning that transactions and deals can be conducted outside of an office setting. Hence, it is important to be in possession of something that can enable smooth communication with business partners, employees, and potential customers.

Nowadays, business is turning out to be more and more mobile; thus necessitating the adoption of smartphones into the communication system. With these devices, an entrepreneur can easily carry out communication actions such as making and getting calls, sending and receiving online tax, recording and listening to voicemails, and many more. If a person is taking part in a business meeting far from the premises, he or she can conveniently ask a worker to send documents like financial statements via a smartphone. There is no need to go looking for an internet cafe in order to access ones mail.

Another positive use of smartphones is in storing important files. Modern devices have enormous memory capacities. Entrepreneurs can easily store documents and files in them, especially those that of great importance to the business. In addition, files such as music and photographs can be stores as soon as they are shared or downloaded. By having storage capacity for files in a smartphone, a person can easily share or send files whenever necessary.

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