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Makeup is usually a very sensitive subject just like beauty and appearance. This is especially because it is not that easy to find make up that matches with one's skin tone 100%; that would have been very easy, and everyone would apply makeup without worrying about shades and tones. With makeup, a one size fits all approach cannot work well because everyone is unique. This paper is going to give invaluable insights concerning how to color match the correct makeup foundation to one's skin tone.

To match a shade appropriately to any skin tone, it is very much advisable that an individual finds the right shade of foundation using matching it with one's chest. This is especially if the person involved is very good at covering her face and neck region with SPF. If an individual is in a departmental store and is looking to find the right makeup, it is best that she tests the color that seems most appealing on the back of her hand and then walk out in case the store lighting cannot be trusted (Hennessy et al., 2017).

Concerning figuring out the right foundation shade, it is advisable that everyone who is looking to use make up test a few shades. Testing a few shades will involve utilizing the information regarding the best shades for ones undertone and choose foundations to try out. If anyone were to go by her eye color, it is best that the shades which look closest to ones skin tone are chosen. Then after, testing the appropriateness of the shade involved can be realized by dabbing some swatches of foundation on one's jaw line (Sarkar, Sethi & Gokhale, 2017).

A third method that is used by many people to find out which particular makeup foundation and makeup tone that aligns best to the color of their skin is selecting a cool colour foundation that is laced with pink or blue undertones in the event that the person involves has a skin tone that is cool; choosing a yellow-toned foundation for a skin tone that appears warm , and finally making sure that foundation does not make one appear ashen if the skin tone involved is darker (if that is the case then it is only befitting that a yellow based foundation or a different colour is used (Kelly, 2017).

Everyone has a skin tone that is different from that of another person. This reality is so final such that even identical twins may have different skin tones. As such, it is commendable that even before one thinks about the application of makeup, skin color and skin tone is determined. The best approach that anyone can make use of when it comes to determining her skin tone is holding a white piece of paper up to one's face. Afterwards, there is a need to check if the skin looks sallow or yellowish when placed against the white paper; if it does then definitely that is a case of a warms skin tone. On the other hand, if the skin of an individual appears rosy, pink, or bluish-red, then it can be categorized as a cool skin tone. It is also worth mentioning that everyone ought to be aware of the case of the neutral skin undertone; skin characterized by a neutral undertone appears gray and is made up of an olive complexion (Kelly, 2017).

Since the advent of makeup, an art of old that has helped billions of women to improve appearances, matching foundation to ones skin tone all the time has always been a challenge. Experts posit that people make sure to test the foundations along their jaw lines in myriad lighting environments. The most appropriate color of foundation is supposed to disappear into one's skin; if that is the case, then that is a definite match. It is best that individuals make use of enough foundation so that they can get a precise idea of its true color; this is because a little dot would not show enough. If naturally, it is to the liking of an individual to wear a shade that is darker than her skin tone, then making use of a warming primer within a caramel shade under the right skin tone shade of foundation saves the day. Whats more, for individuals that are endowed with much richer skin tones, the T-zone area is most useful when it comes to matching or finding the most appropriate makeup. Note that the T-zone is the area around the nose, mouth, and forehead.

Supposing that an individual is looking to find the best shade for a concealer, some things should be considered. For the area defining the under the eye, it is best that one is sure to choose a shade of concealer that is no more than one or two shades lighter in comparison to one's natural tone of skin. This is very much important since it helps in avoiding an obvious white circle around the eye area. For ones face, it is best that the concealer selected matches the color of the foundation exactly (Kanda et al., 2017)

To correctly color match the correct makeup foundation to ones skin tone, making use of one skin to narrow down on choices and choosing a designated make up store, pharmacy, or departmental store is the way to go. Testing a few shades is also very much appropriate before choosing one's foundation.

The moment the most appropriate makeup foundation has been determined and then customizing a foundation becomes very much appropriate. There are three steps involved when it comes to customizing a foundation; this includes lightening foundation that I s very dark, a darkening foundation that is very light, and finally changing the color of one's foundation. Concerning lightening foundation that is too dark, whether the wrong one was purchased and cannot be returned or if there is need to finish an older bottle, the color of the foundation can be customized to create the best match for the skin. A single method used to make foundation lighter is through applying it with a wet stone as opposed to ones fingers. Foundation can also be made lighter by mixing it with a primer, a moisturizer, a lighter foundation, finishing powder, or a concealer.

On the flip side, a foundation that is too light can also be darkened. This can be done by addition of blush or concealer, combining tinted moisturizer, combining with a darker foundation, and finally mixing with bronzer. In a nutshell, the secret to getting makeup right is to understand that everyone has a unique skin that would only align to a specific shade of foundation makeup. As such, imitation should not be a motivation when applying makeup.


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