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Nowadays robots are getting a lot of developers attention with being a really interesting innovational subject. According to most peoples imaginations, a robot is a programed machine that looks, acts and moves like a human. Robot technologies are quickly advancing and are being improved constantly to benefit humans in their everyday life. As our world is developing, tasks will be performed more efficiently using programmed robots. Robots can carry out numerous duties in various different fields. They are replacing humans in performing crucial tasks that could risk and endanger human life with their artificial intelligence, which has made of them an important invention to people. The paper will discuss how the science of robotics has great potential to change the future and will become a high priority due to their advantages and benefits to society.

Scientists have also developed some robots which are the position of providing human surgeries and performing other activities in the hospital. They will be in the position to work in doctors offices, walk-in clinics and also in the non-critical care units (Eisold, 2009). Furthermore, the scientists predict that robots will be created to have high intelligence and be in the position to hold an intelligent conversation together with machines.Research shows that robots are taking over in the current society and executing the different roles that human beings are supposed to be executing (Eisold, 2009). Their importance has changed the way many industries are operating. The future of industries is speculated to be run by robot. For that reason, it is perceived that the future of science and robotics will affect how human beings will be leading their lives. Industrial robots are going to revolutionize the future of industries into achieving the future we all hope for. For the past few years, manufacturing industries have utilized robots to execute industrial roles, and they have proved to success. Furthermore, the scientific research shows that the society is welcoming the idea of robotics for performing varied roles. This has been seen especially after the increase of sale of robots since the year 2014. Therefore, it is predicted that with time, the robots will be in the position to function in a similar way as human beings. Ideally, some scientist argues that robots might even become smarter than humans and execute the roles which are above the capacity of normal human beings.

Robots have found real life application in the hospitality industry. They have been programmed to cook and wait for customers. Scientists have created robots with fast food chains which are used for exploring the option of replacing human beings in kitchens (Breazeal, 2004). The robots that have been created to cook and serve in kitchens have the ability to execute such tasks efficiently and effectively. It is predicted that shortly, robots will be in the position to utilize the smart technology and read orders as they are received. After receiving the orders, the robots will then be in the position to prepare the items ordered within a short period. The robots will result in the increase of revenue since their precision supersedes that of human beings. Furthermore, the waste of food will also significantly reduced with the use of robots in kitchens.

Scientists also predict that robots will replace the human driven cars shortly. (Eisold, 2009). For example, currently, google has developed a self-driven car which is being tested on the road However, scientists explain that the cars are manned by real human beings who ensure safety whenever a malfunctioning or glitch occurs. The computerization will be done in such a way that cars will have very many sensors and in such cases, they will be able to calculate speed limits, observe traffic lights and traffic signs. Furthermore, the robots driving cars will be in the position to use GPS that enable them to give directions. In the transport industry, robots will be programmed in such a way that they take instructions from human beings and taking them to desired destinations.

Moreover, the robots are expected to provide security and defense in future (Korten, 2015). In the current society, robots are being utilized by various police departments for the inspection of dangerous or even suspicious packages. However, such robots are controlled through the use of remote control command where they ensure safety and movement. In bomb handling, it is predicted that robots will be programmed to provide services such as deploying non-lethal tactical devices, cut specific wires and perform surveillance work just like the human police.

Conclusively, with advancement in technology, robots are the future human lives. They are in the position to improve human life by performing activities, which could have been carried out by the people (Korten, 2015). Their benefits have seen economic and social roles. The current advancement in robotics has been made in such a way that they provide solutions to varied social problems. Even though the society might take the time to adapt to the changes, it will eventually choose the robots technology because of their benefits to the society.



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