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Artificial intelligence is a sensitive matter for the human race. The term raises up images of apocalyptic communities where intelligent super-computers dominate the human battle or eliminate the substandard species altogether. According to other people, the implication of artificial intelligence affects the immediate core of the humanoid spirit, the conceit of our race. The precise knowledge of an intelligent computer, which is on parity, or most superior, to people's brains sends anxieties to the spine. Artificial intelligence to some extent is seen as the learning computer that cannot respond to input. Instead, they learn from it. The computer can relate with its surrounding, making errors, and rewrite its code to tackle the following circumstances. This opinion gets the computer to be compared with human beings (Sungmee, and Jayaraman, 40). The computer is said to have the ability to explore, think, and in some circumstances, they decide intelligibly based on the previous experiences. Artificial intelligence can transform human life to better since they are anticipated for formulating and assessing situations very fast to assist their human counterparts.

Artificial intelligence is already creating job opportunities for many humans. In software corporates that have accepted the use of artificial intelligence at the same time creating employment to people. For example, a company like Cen share that is a Munich-centered digital practice has been running a semantic network since 2001. Apart from the job opportunities at the company that the artificial intelligence offers the client base requires humans who have knowledge on the software. Some companies who employ the new technology will also need marketers, sales, developers, support, authority and each person involved in the enterprise. Humans who hold on to AI are seen to advance more as compared to those who fear to embrace it. Incurring job opportunity that is tedious can be approved out with the assistance of machine brainpower. The machines think quickly compared to humans and can be placed to multitasking. Their rapidity and time are calculated based on parameters only.

The computer based reasoning, perception, and learning have turned into a regular phenomenon in human lives. People are striking the road for long drives and road trips with enhancement of the GPS. Smartphone in a suitable and every day is a good example of the way we use the artificial intelligence. In efficacies, we see that artificial intelligence can determine what we are going to write and they identify the errors and mistakes in spelling. When people take pictures, the artificial intelligence procedure identifies and notices the person's face and tags the person when they are attaching photographs on the walls of the social sites. The artificial intelligence is extensively active by financial firms and banking fields to manage data. Any discovery of fraud employs artificial intelligence in a smart card based operations (Bostrom, 280).

The innovation of artificial intelligence has brought along the discovery of Automated Transportation. Human life has been improved since now people have self- driving cars that only require a driver who monitors the wheel for safety measures. Other examples of transportation that are near to full automation are trains and buses. Evaluating closely at this improved technology of artificial intelligence has improved people's lives through movements. The improved mode of transportation allows given nation to develop rapidly economically and socially. Various goods including the bulky ones are transported efficiently and safely thus expanding the market to neighboring countries and internationally (Eliezer, 184). The skill of machines to display advanced perceptive skills to process natural language, to plan, learn makes it easy for new responsibilities to be done by intelligent systems that are more successful than humans. Employment of AI-driven mechanization in general industries, alongside employment of AI technologies in new developing areas, artificial intelligence could infinitely increase efficiency and economic growth.

The significant limitations of existence as a human is our brains and bodies. Shortly humans will have the ability to supplement themselves with the computers and improve a number of their natural abilities. Although a number of these probable cyborg developments would be an advantage for convenience, while others will serve a more applied purpose. Artificial intelligence will be beneficial for humans with severed limbs, as the mind will have the ability to connect with a robotic limb that will offer the patient more support. In the medical grounds, there is a broad range of the use of the artificial intelligence. Medical practitioners measure the patients and their health dangers with the aid of artificial machines brains. It instructs doctors on the negativity of some medicines. The medical experts are repeatedly trained with the artificial surgery stimulants. It finds a vast application in noticing and observing neurological disorders as it can feign the brain is working. Robots are regularly employed in enhancing mental fitness patients to come out of dejection and remain active. A well-known presentation of the artificial intelligence is radiosurgery. It is used in surgery of tumors, and this can assist in the operation with no damage to the surrounding tissues. The artificial intelligence is a skill that could transform the universe for the better. It can make medical applications safe, high productivity and improve the economy, or it can be used to improve the value of life the disabled.

The artificial intelligence machines and robots are used by humans in various dangerous tasks that people will not risk. Robots are now moving forward to perform some of the risky tasks like bomb defusing. Robots are precisely drones that are made use as the physical complement for rescuing bombs, but they require a person to operate and control them or use the AI. The dragons that are made of artificial intelligence have rescued some lives through performing dangerous jobs. It through the innovation of the inventors that shortly there will be more artificial intelligence integration to assist the machines to work. Jobs such as welding that emits toxic substances, earsplitting noise, intense heat, can be subcontracted to robots in most circumstances. Robotic welding exists, they have protected features in action to prevent human employees from fumes and other harmful emissions to the body (Steels, 100). AI and the robots are employed in the mining and fuel investigation processes. Since robots and other machines are programmed in a way that they can do laborious and rigid work with superior responsibility.

Although the artificial intelligence enhances human life considerably, it also has its disadvantages. For instance, it has massive costs because they are complex machines. To repair and maintaining them when damaged calls for huge costs. Their software programs that want frequent up the degree to cater to the needs of transforming the environment and the desire for machines to be cleverer by the day. Therefore if severe damage is incurred the procedure to recuperate lost codes will need a lot of money and time. Intelligence, on the other hand, is considered as a gift of nature. Therefore artificial machines will not replicate humans. Machines do not possess emotions, and they cannot make decisions that are unfamiliar. Lastly they artificial intelligence cannot be upgraded with experience, so with in a period, it will be worn out.

The artificial intelligence is an invention that is highly appreciated in many countries since it has improved human life and made the world a better place to be. Many leading and superior nations have supported the innovation of the new artificial technologies to help in daily lives of the citizens and economy of the country. The emergence of artificial intelligence machines has created many job opportunities since some of them will not be operated without the control of human being. The automotive infrastructure has improved from these intelligent devices. For instance, we have self-driven cars that do not need man power that will be of more assistance to less privileged humans. Other locomotives like buses and trains that make transportation to be efficient thus improving the country's economy.

In the medical sector, the artificial intelligence machines have assisted the doctors and other medical practitioners to make surgery successful. Robots are regularly employed in enhancing mental fitness patients to come out of dejection and remain active. Intelligence machines like dragons have helped a great deal. They are mostly used by the military to defuse bombs and also take aerial photos in dangerous areas where human life is endangered. I argue the scientists and other inventor s to continue searching for ways to improve the artificial intelligence machines since they make human life easier and better.


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