Essay on the Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

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Current Discussion on this Issue: Great revolutions are being experienced in the science and the industrial world as a result of the introduction of the artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence though thought about mainly in movies before the actual conception, has brought great benefits to the things that man can do. The greatest risk, however, occurs on the ability to manage artificial intelligence with regards to the limits that humans should reach.

I love the idea that works usually done by humans can be made simpler and faster. Looking at the way in which machines and computer have simplified work of humans, I get more convinced that artificial intelligence should be quickly embraced with the aim of making the world a better place (Hassabis, 2017). My first interaction with artificial intelligence was in science fiction movies. The manner in which life gets sophisticated and comfortable with the introduction of the artificial intelligence got me thinking about the idea of making the earth a paradise. Even though there is the idea of using artificial intelligence in warfare, I still hold the belief that human beings can only achieve their maximum potential by trying new ideas however crazy they may seem. I aimed to get a full understanding of the benefits of artificial intelligence to exploit them for human use. This is the next reality in human life and everyone ought to be prepared for it thus the significance of this study (Nilsson, 2014).

To understand the topic, my interest would be to compare the significance and the cons of using human intelligence. To have a full understanding of this, I would need to understand:

Is artificial intelligence a possibility or merely science fiction

What are the impacts of artificial intelligence on formal employment

Can humans fully trust artificial intelligence

What are the possible achievements through the use of artificial intelligence

Is there an urgent need to introduce artificial intelligence in pour daily lives ("Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life Institute", 2017)

Imagine my audience to be the young people in the world and the aged people who are lovers of science. In the research, I would shortly inform of the great inventions that have always brought revolution in the science world and the fact that they were ideas that were perhaps considered to be undesirable. I would need them to understand the fact that we human can have control over artificial intelligence thus we only need to have them as part of our lives. The greatest focus would be on the impacts of artificial intelligence on human life.


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