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Russell, S. (2016). Artificial intelligence. [Place of publication not identified]: Pearson Education Limited.

Russell acknowledges that the past few years have been marked with an overstimulation in technological advancements. A wise saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention and with changing times, the human being is developing the need to improve the function-ability of computers. Computer scientists have outdone themselves in creating modern, complex, and more user-friendly technology. The rate at which the advancements are taking place is so high and unpredictable that the systems and technology that was used five years ago can be rendered obsolete. However, of all those inventions and milestones in technology, one crowns it all; artificial intelligence.

Khoury, R., & Drummond, C. (2016). Advances in artificial intelligence. [Cham]: Springer.

Khoury and Drummond assert that artificial intelligence is one field of computer science that beats all the odds and is too complex and involving to be real. Although the global community has not adopted its use and applications, it is the one invention that takes technology to the next level. In the physical world, some scientists claim that Artificial Intelligence is an extension of Charles Darwins theory of Natural Selection. Humans are being competed out by Artificial Intelligence, and that could be the reason behind their reluctance towards it.

Greenberger, R. (2007). Careers in artificial intelligence. New York: Rosen Pub. Group.

Greenberger suggest that the advances in artificial intelligence are a threat to many careers. With the new technology, artificial intelligence poses a threat to careers such as medicine, law, engineering and even piloting. What is more being that the robots fitted with programs that make them efficient in terms of accuracy, and speed.

Luckin, R., Koedinger, K., & Greer, J. (2007). Artificial intelligence in education. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS Press.

Koendimger and Greer expound on the significant concerns about Artificial Intelligence that are entirely logical and realistic as it deviated from the norm. Perhaps a terrifying thing about it all is the rate at which it is advancing. Remarkable sources suggest that AI could be on the verge of overtaking the human species due to their slow pace of evolution. It is the one technological advancement that is way ahead of its time and has raised a few eyebrows even among the elite in the society.

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life Institute. (2017). Future of Life Institute. Retrieved 10 September 2017, from actuality, the human mind has not come to terms that the full Artificial Intelligence can happen. The argument springs from the fact that Artificial Intelligence is primed from physical matter and for that reason it is highly improbable that it is capable of producing a whole. The human being is more than just a collection of physical matter put together, and therefore it is highly unlikely to replicate a person by use of physical matter only.

O'Neill, M. (2017). What is artificial intelligence? ABC News. Retrieved 10 September 2017, from kind of Artificial Intelligence that we have today is correctly referred to as narrow AI because it is only designed to handle light tasks such as voice and facial recognition, and memory personalization. Meanwhile, other complex human-like tasks remain uncracked. For instance, the Artificial Intelligence is not capable of perception, feeling, and cognition. It is, for this reason, that trial versions and real-life application of Artificial Intelligence should be well-managed to avoid fatalities.

Whitby, B. (2009). Artificial intelligence. New York: Rosen Pub.

Whitby promotes the use of artificial intelligence by stipulating that whereas people often refer to Artificial Intelligence as a system of science fiction whereby robots are fitted with human-like characteristics, there is nothing fictional about this technology. AI can encompass anything depending on the developers interests and desires.

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