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Introduction and Career Choice

Physical therapy is an essential exercise for the people with injuries, illnesses, or other medical conditions that limit their functionality and mobility. People of all ages can get help through this program that enables them to return to their previous level of functioning, prevent further injury, and improve overall health through encouraging activities and lifestyle changes. Therapeutic exercises include manual, exercise, electro, and physical therapies. My choice for physical therapy as a career was influenced by the seven years I spent as a gymnastic. From this experience, I came to learn and understand how physical therapy extensively contributes to general health and wellbeing. The benefits acquired through the exercises is what I desire to pass to my clientele. This essay will discuss the importance of physical therapy, steps on how to achieve these benefits while aligning the career choice with the traditional philosophies.

Principles and Guidelines

The importance of physical therapy cannot be underestimated. In most cases, it is utilized in helping individuals who have had injuries or undergone surgery, to recover. However, it can be used for illnesses that limit the ability of an individual to perform their life duties efficiently. One of the principles will be to help patients improve mobility. This will be done by conducting a stretching and strengthening exercise program which will run on a daily basis for a minimum period of 45 minutes. Depending on an individuals problem, assistive devices will be provided. Two, assist patients to maintain balance and prevent falls. This is for the patients exhibiting high risks of falling. These will be provided with assistive devices during exercises and be monitored closely to ensure daily progress. Three, help patients to minimize or eliminate pain. For these patients, they will receive therapy in the form of electrical stimulation, joint, and soft tissue mobilization. These are aimed at restoring joint and muscle functions to minimize pain. Four, management of age-related health issues. These issues could be arthritis or joint replacement. For arthritis, therapy to reduce pain will be administered such as electrical stimulation. Therapeutic exercise following joint replacement will include joint mobilization to help in recovery. Five, to assist women in managing their health and other female conditions. These conditions specific to women include pregnancy as well as post-partum care. Therapeutic exercises such as walking, tissue mobilization, and manual workouts can be of assistance.

Traditional Philosophies

There are five traditional philosophies in which most careers are aligned. These include idealism, realism, pragmatism, naturalism, and existentialism. All these philosophies are to some degree aligned with physical therapy. Idealism, for instance, utilizes the mind and intellectual powers to make choices and to learn and execute skills. Physical activities are present but on a secondary status. This philosophy will be of tremendous importance as it enables the patients to coordinate the mind and the body to achieve wellbeing. When the mind and the body work in harmony, faster progress is likely to be achieved. Realism focuses on scientific laws and facts while setting objectives which are to be achieved through multiple tests and drills. In physical therapy, the objectives are to achieve overall wellbeing through exercises and tests. Therefore, realism is an applicable philosophy. Pragmatism provides the aspect of physical activities as a means to attaining social and interpersonal skills. Application of pragmatism into physiotherapy ensures that patients achieve both physically and socially.

Naturalism emphasizes on individual learning and development as the end goal. In physical therapy, though the progress of every patient matters, an individuals effort for growth and progress is encouraged. Finally, existentialism lays as a personal responsibility to learn. Individuals are at liberty to make choices and bear the consequences. Patients can choose to exercise outside the set time to improve on their progress. Failure to have self-drive or motivation can only drag ones recovery period. In light of the above discussion, physical therapy is an important career choice.


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