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As members of the Eagle work team, we agree to adhere to the teams value system and code of ethics in all our undertakings that pertain to this project.

Team Memberssignature

Janet Jones

Andrew Winows

Wendy Jackson

Eliot James

Peter Johnsons

Description of the Team

After so much consideration and brainstorming, we were able to come up with a team name which reflects our ideals as a group and one that will motivate us to do better in this project. The name Eagleworks was born out of the inspiration of the greater heights that an eagle soars in its lifetime. We aim to soar high in our academics and in our tech life that lays ahead of us. Every individual in our team is unique and therefore possesses unique capabilities that will contribute to the success of this project. The capabilities identified can be divided into two broad categories general skills and technical expertise. In this documentation, each member was analyzed, and their skills outlined below.

Team member one

Leadership skills- the team member was identified to be the team leader as he has continuously demonstrated qualities of a good leader given the fact that he is already the head of a well-known club in the institution

Data mining skills- these are very useful technical skills that will come in handy if we need to sort through large databases to be able to identify patterns and establish existing relationships to generate new information.

Team member two

Time management keeping time will be a priority to be able to complete our project in time. This particular member has shown consistent ability to keep time including being on time for our meetings. She will be designated the role of a time manager to keep all of us on toes to make sure no member is lagging behind on any task given to them.

Biometric configuration- the particular member has a vested interest in biometrics and has personally been studying and researching the topic on his own besides class work. He is one who brought about the idea of this project before we could all discuss and settle on it.

Team member three

Planning skills. This is a core skill that is useful in a project management. Planning skills enable the project to be planned in stages to facilitate easy monitoring.

Pattern recognition skills- once data is mined we will need an individual who will be able to interpret the patterns found from various data bases accurately to ensure the project information is accurate

Team member four

Negotiation skills the skills are very useful in the execution of this project as we may need to visit and talk to people to seek their help thus we will need someone to negotiate on our behalf.

Knowledge of medical imaging- finger printing involves the use of a medical parts to identify a particular individual thus the skill comes in handy.

Learning Cycles

To facilitate accountability, we decided that our team leader also becomes our organizer while team member three becomes our scribe to document any ideas as we move forward with our project. However, once we are halfway into the completion of the project, the roles will be rotated so that responsibility is equally shared.

Overview of the Project

Due to the increase in online activities, there is a high demand for security. However, in the case of biometrics use, a lot of questions often arise regarding the level of integrity and privacy maintained. The primary idea behind this research project is to give a clear insight of how the use of finger print verification can be used as a tool of ensuring that integrity is preserved.

Team Experience

Fortunately, all the four of us have worked as interns in different IT companies where we gathered some expertise in the field of technology and also got to work within the setting of a team. With each team in our work places given a target to meet, working together while respecting each other and acknowledging each persons ability was core to the success of our missions. It is necessary for a team leader to have a wealth of knowledge about the people he is working with, that way he will be able to distribute work depending on every individual's capabilities.Minding the welfare of his team member should also be a priority, and he should be able to integrate all of the members in decisions that directly affect them. It is no wonder that most successful IT managers have a record of planning and organizational skills, negotiation skills. Listening skills, risk management skills and communications skills are also necessary.This combination will see the success of any IT project coupled with relevant technical expertise.

Mode of Communication

It was agreed that it was necessary to create a WhatsApp group on which it would easy to share any information such as images and documents to all people at the same time. Another mode of communication would include google hangouts and emails if the need arose. Also, meeting times would be communicated via this platform so that no member would complain about being uninformed.

Table 1: Summary of the project details

Resources needed At the commencement of the project a collection of books, journals and other documentaries concerning finger printing and cyber security will be required. Also, it is a requirement that each member can have access to an advanced computer that will be able to perform complex IT procedures. A vehicle may also be needed to be able to travel to different places that we need to gather information from otherwise we may need to use the public bus which may not be convenient.

Time period Since this is a complex project that requires close analysis of data and systems we estimate that the project is likely to take a minimum of two months so that we can be able to come up with conclusive way of improving integrity in finger print verification and identification

The stakeholders involved Security institutions

Our professor

Technology companies that manufacture fingerprint recognition devices.

Some cyber security consultants

Execution of the project This stage of the project will involve a lot of work. First, there will be various visits to the stakeholders named above.

Data mining through various databases to gather any bit of information that may help us.

Using the finger print system ourselves in different institutions to access their competence

This project we will not use any personal information as only the government has access to such information.

Finally, recommendations will be made.

Value Statement

With great integrity, ambition and courage, we recognize our ability to contribute towards enabling the community around us and the world to trust in the security of our technological systems

Ethical Statement

As Eagleworks, we are dedicated to providing ethical solutions to the current prevailing technological hitches while upholding the highest code of standards at the same time respecting personal privacy.

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