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Group discussions are very crucial in solving the most complex classroom topics and assignments. A group consists of an organization meant for communication, comprising of individuals who interact with on each other while accepting the obligations of the individual team members. A group then engages in group discussion and understood activity which stirs a common subject. The main agenda of group discussion of to shake up the subject while brainstorm to get the most relevant solutions for the said problem. A group discussion creates a creative dynamics of the topic, simulating a reflective thinking within the group members. This paper provide reflection of a previous group discussion interaction focused on the matter while analyzing Planning a Playground' and Politics of Sociology' videos Group Interaction

How clear was the intent of the discussion?

The purpose of the analysis was planning the identification of the best skills that a group ought to have to make a successful group discussion. The group was interactive to ensuring and upholding the intended of the discussion. The group discussion formed an interface panel discussion, where all the members faced each other, to boost the confidence of fellow team members in stipulating several ideas on the said topic, planning a playground and the politics of sociology question. Every single group, member read and understood the clarity of the subject of discussion, the group leader similarly with the help of the topic tutor helped the team understand the clarity of the issue.

How prepared were your group members for the discussion?

The team members were fully prepared for the debate. Before the discussion, the tutor gave us the required reading materials as well as the research engines which would help us stipulate the required ideas in the debate on the said topic. The group was then briefed on the subject the previous day, and the complexity of the ideas to be stipulated in the said matter. The team members did the required sociological research on the topic, gaining the relevant brainstorming ideas and interfacial discussion points for the topic. The group was ready for the topic discussion.

Did everyone participate equally in the study?

The group leader gave every single member on the team to participate equally. At the beginning of the group, the contribution was random. That whoever gilt like contributing was given a chance to do so, however, as the discussion continues, the team leader with the help of several other members opted to choose people to give contributions, where the members would equally contribute in the circle, and one after the other in the entire circle. In this model of discussion every the leader gave every member the best chance to air these views. Additionally, at the conclusion of the group, the group leader similarly highlighted anyone who felt like adding any more ideas on the sociology topic to do so freely.

Were group members open to different points of view?

The team leader was capable in every task he was supposed to do., he provided the group with several points of view on the topic, several political aspects of sociology were laid by the leader for the group, members to participate. The manager similarly gave the members the chance to highlight and discuss any other points of view they thought. The members similarly reacted by suggesting several points of view of every member discussion and defending their point of view. The members put different perspectives on the playing ground on political sociology, which the group discussed well and pointed out the best of these points or view.

How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?

The group discussion was lively. Anyone passing around would detect a presence of a participative discussion from all the members, the group leader hardly has enough time to speak and contribute to the organization as he spent most of his group to me coordinating the speaking time for the group members. Everyone had a chance to talk as the team leader gave all the group members an equal opportunity to speak. However, the mood at the discussion was elevated to every team member, as the discussion was lively.

Did you feel your group was productive in the debate? Did you use the time efficiently?

The group was productive in the discussion. The time usage was by the discussion. A little time spent on the topic of debate, as members try to battle and get the main ideas the question pertains. The productivity of the group never came until the members got the main focus points. The team leader guided the members who occasionally fell of the point of discussion, while similarly guiding the several other members on their points on the topic

What strategies can you use in future studies to increase productivity and outcomes?

A relevant aspect to consider in any group discussion is the alignment of the debate to the topic. Among the many things which made the group discussion a success is that the members remained relevant to the points and the subject of discussion. The preparedness of the team to the discussion is similarly related to any future discussion; it gives the members ability to research on the topic before the discussion and hence be ready to participate in the group discussion.

What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion?

An attractive interpersonal communication improves group cohesion. Facilitating a centralized communication and contribution to the group fosters the group cohesion. This move makes the team members feel the urge to contribute as other members listen, hence encourage the best ideas stimulation from the members. Leadership is similarly very critical. Successful group discussion ought to have an influential leader who can well coordinate such group tasks,

What are the issues in this meeting - planning a playground?

The main issue of this group is the ability of the meeting, planning a playground. The big problem was not comfortable with each other; each team member was not nervous in the way they communicate their ideas. This idea is because they were not well used to each other, they feared each other and hence not comfortable with each other. The group leader did not give the group time to talk on the persona level, to get to know each other since it was the group the first time to meet.

What did they do well as a group?

One thing the group did well was to bring the stage development from one aspect to another. The team leader well organized the development from the personal introduction to introducing the main aim of the group, which is the planning a playground. Even though the head did not leave much some of the group to know each other, he well led the development from one stage to another.

Can you identify constructive or deconstructive conflict occurring in this group? What are some key indicators? What conflict styles do you see?

The main constructive conflict emerging from the group is that it was the most active team, led by the most efficient leader. With proper conduction of the discussion, the group could have come up with the best discussion. The main destructive idea in the group is that the group leader, David never gave the group the required to mingle. It was the first time the group met, and they only gave out their names, having not well interacted to know each other personally, it formed the worst introductory to a professional group ever.

Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this situation differently?

Having been in a position like the one David was. I would have let the group members well mingle, as well as interact with them to well know each other on the personal level, so as to boost a more lively conversation.

"The Politics of Sociology" - What are the issues in this meeting?

The biggest problem in this videos is that people do not agree with the final decision that every single group members would like. The group was well coordinated during the discussion butt the conclusion is seemingly hard to make for the group leader as well as other team members. This main issue created havoc in this group, basing the argument why the best group all of the professionals would fail to reach a main final decision.

What did they do well as a group? The group well stipulated the ideas of politics in sociology.

The team leader well-coordinated the group. From the start, making the team members well know each other, facilitative interfacial communication was lively in the group, and the main ideas were similarly discussed in the group

What types of conflict do you see in this video?

The type of conflict is in the final decision of the group. There is two group who are on opposite sides of the political sociology. Each team holds onto its arguments while failing to understand the relevance of understanding on the other side's arguments. Similarly, the other hand finds the same on the other subgroup. The conflict is that they can't find a final decision.

There is a clear leader in this video. What can he do to be a better leader for this group?

The leader can well liaise with the other leaders and research on how to become a better leader. Having tried his level best to lead this group, which formally lands in a conflict, the leader needs to advance his management and leadership skills, to be able to man and lead this team to no conflicts.

Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this team situation differently?

This team only needs an effective leader; the leader in this group fails to control his group. There arose two sides which antagonize each other on the lender's watch. The leader should not allow a professional group to form boundaries by their discussion. Therefore, I would make a better leader, who would avoid any conflict arising in this group.


A group discussion is very vital in analysing any given topic's success of any particular group is purely based on two famous people in the group, the group leader and the professional member forming the group. The team leader can lead the group to create a successful group well. Any team should start with an introduction and a little knowledge of each member, as they proceed to discuss the primary goal of the discussion. The planning playground group lacked the ability of the group to mingle well, leading to a group not being comfortable to discuss. The politics and sociology group did not have a precise range effective leadership to guide the group and avoid conflicts. Any successful team needs a capable leader who would guide the group to reach their goals quickly.

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