Case Study Example: A Day in the Life of a Project Manager

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Case study
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I think Rachel spent her day very effectively. Rachel is very hard working. She reported to work very early and stated to work before her co-workers and project team arrived. Rachel kept herself up to date with issues affecting her project. She made sure that before she started her day, she reviewed her schedule and to do lists. She also made sure that before she starts her day, she responded to messages from the previous day that required immediate attention. Rachel also ensured that she went through the project reports. She also discussed with her boss about how the project is fairing on. She also discussed with her team about surface project issues that had not been addressed. Rachel spent her time reviewing project assignments in the company of Victoria, a fellow project manager given that the two share personnel. She also met with her project team with an intention of addressing an issue that had surfaced in the status report meeting. Courtesy of her meeting with her project team, she realized that some clients managers were beginning to request for features that were not in the original project scope statement. Rachel did talk to the purchasing agent assigned to her project about getting the necessary equipment to the project site, earlier than planned. She went ahead to authorize express delivery about the same. Rachel did participate in a conference call where she spent one-hour exchanging information about technical requirements associated with a new version of a software package that projects similar to hers are using. Before Rachel left her place of work, she did brief her boss about key events of the day.

The case study tells me that to be a project manager is not an easy job. The case study reveals that project managers go through many challenges and problems as they go about their work. The case study reveals that for a person to be a good project manager, he or she should have both a sharp wit and also be emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence is important because, in many occasions, project plans do not go as planned. A project manager who is not emotionally intelligent is likely to snap on many occasions after realizing that his or her plans have not turned out as planned. Emotional intelligence is important in helping a project manager in knowing how best to deal with disappointment and frustration that emanates from a project (Lock & Scott, 2016).

I have learned that a project manager should be affable. A project manager deals with people who come from different backgrounds and whose views about life could be different from the project manager. Given that projects often involve different partners, project managers should learn to develop a good rapport with the partners so as to ensure the success of their projects. A project manager who is moody and gets upset easily is likely to destroy relationships with the projects affiliates, leading to interference in the success of the project (Medcof et al., 2000).

I have learned that enthusiasm is important in project management. Despite disappointments that a project manager goes through, he or she should always ensure that he is enthusiastic. As they say, enthusiasm is contagious. An enthusiastic project manager is likely to influence all the individuals who are working on a certain project to be enthusiastic. Enthusiastic individuals are more likely to ensure the success of a project when compared to individuals who are not enthusiastic (Lock & Scott, 2016).

I have learned that a project manager should be competent in undertaking his roles and tasks. Competence in this context means that a good project manager is one who exhibits leadership competence. A good project manager is one who influences a projects affiliates to work effectively towards ensuring the success of a given project. A project manager should always ensure that his or her projects are completed successfully within the stipulated timeframe. A project manager should have the ability to inspire and encourage members and affiliates of his project towards ensuring that the project is completed successfully and on time



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