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RE: Application for (Insert the name of scholarship) Scholarship

I was enthusiastic to read about the scholarship that your institution is offering to successful college students. My goal is to complete my bachelors program at (Insert name of the institution). I am pursuing a degree in Construction Project Management. It is my passion to be a project manager since I was a little boy. I have studied for two years and require financial assistance to complete my program of study. By completing my Construction Project Management degree, I feel that I will further my career and also pay tribute my mentor who spent most of his career in the construction industry before his tragic passing. Being a project manager means everything to me.

I was released from prison in December 2015. I started my bachelors program in 2016 while working as at Dunkin Donuts. I also began interning my current employer in April 2016 while attending college. In July 2016, I was offered a full-time job as a superintendent. Also, I received a promotion to assistant project manager. I have gained a lot of experience while working in this field. I am the class valedictorian and like getting involved in extracurricular activities that are offered in my school. I have also made the Dean list every semester. I believe that I am not just attending school but also getting involved in it. Therefore, I intend to seize the scholarship opportunity wholeheartedly without reservation.

I have consistently proven in my previous studies and working experience that I strive to represent myself and also reward those who have granted me a chance to prove such. This is evident in my relationship with the management at Dunkin Donuts and my professional mentors. Despite the financial challenge, I have been doing what is necessary to further my studies. This includes the time I have worked at Dunkin Donuts.

(Insert the name of the Head of Scholarship Committee), I know that your institution will receive numerous applications for the scholarship. I hope that you will consider my application to enable me to fulfill my dream of being a project manager. The construction industry is a challenging field. However, I feel that I will not have any problem arising from this challenge. I need help with school funding since it is going to be tight for me with the cost of accommodation, books, tuition, and other charges. If I am fortunate enough to get this scholarship, I will finish my degree to qualify for a job as a project manager.

My career plan during the three years of the scholarship award will be to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge regarding Construction Project Management. My focus will be to exercise my skills, knowledge, as the experiences in my career. Furthermore, my desire is to enlighten the society, enhance productivity, and improve the quality of lives.

I appreciate your consideration. I have attached the recommendation from my college counselor along with my application form and my transcripts. I hope to hear from you soon.


(Insert signature)

(Insert name of applicant)

(List of enclosures)



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