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I would love to pursue a physical therapy course in Valencia College and then advance on the same in the University of Central Florida. The many benefits related to this course make it my dream career. Firstly, I love helping people, which is a major characteristic of professional venturing in this field. In this case, studying physical therapy will adequately equip me with relevant skills regarding helping individual experiencing pain. Following this further, by studying the course, I can effectively treat major health problems such as arthritis and cystic fibrosis. Thus, by enrolling into a physical therapy course, not only will I benefit but also the society will benefit. Like most professionals, I would love the society to respect me. Physical therapy is a reputable profession thus individuals pursuing it are greatly valued and respected society members.

Physical therapy emerges among the highly practical courses. In that, considering it as a vocational career, it tuition proves that fact. Most colleges and universities that offer physical therapy courses guarantee their learners clinical placements in different healthcare settings. Through this factor, every student gets a chance of seeing his/her education in practice that gives context to the entire time spent to study its theory. Therefore, I will graduate ready for a physical therapy career.

I have a great passion for sports. Most careers in sports are hard to pursue, yet by being a certified physical therapist, I have a high probability of securing a job related to sports. On the same note, professional teams linked to sports require their physical therapist. Additionally, the course can fully train me to be a specialist in sports injury for a private clinic and many national organizations. Finally, I would love to start my career on a worth/decent income. Physical therapists are offered decent salaries by national healthcare organizations. In fact, if I secure a job in a private firm, I am likely to earn even more.

Several colleges and universities offer course related to physical therapy. Following this further, Valencia College is a good example of such colleges. However, the training offered at this college might not be sufficient for several job opportunities. Therefore, I will have to advance my skills, acquired from Valencia College, by furthering my education at the Central University of Florida. This is because, the universitys program associated with D.P.T. (Doctor of Physical Therapy) will educate me to become an ethical, competent, as well as compassionate practitioner in various setting linked to health care. Therefore, as a graduate, I will be a very dedicated professional having excellent research skills, patient care, management, communication, patient advocacy and education, and critical expertise.

The Central University of Florida offers a full-time doctoral program that requires every student to complete 112 credits, excluding those for a degree in bachelor of physical therapy. The university takes the coursework in a scheduled sequence for nine terms/semesters considering every coursework is needed. In other words, this program thirty-four weeks characterized by full-time clinical education. During these clinical affiliations, a student must work while being directly supervised by a licensed/registered physical therapist. Whereas the university offers most of the training face-to-face, in a lab or lecture format, the DPT can also offer the course online. I would prefer pursuing the online mode for this course because I can still get every pre-req while at Valencia College. Similar to the full-time mode, online mode will involve the coursework being pursued in a systematic manner for nine semesters, which the university describes in its Graduate Catalog, while it requires all coursework. I will only need three academic years to complete the course.

The Central University of Florida does not enroll all willing students. In this case, the institutions require precise elements, which makes it an ideal course for me. In addition to this, if more students enroll in their program, it might be forced to consider several secondary qualifications to ensure it only admits the best students among the many candidates. For this reason, with an internship or volunteer credentials related to a physical therapy clinic, hospital, health center or a nursing home serves as a bonus for the specific student. This fact matches well with the terms at Valencia College, whereby such work experience acquaints me with the field of healthcare. All material for application should be submitted before 1st November of the academic year before my date of entry.

The Central University of Florida needs a bachelors degree from Valencia College. On this note, the institution allows me to use my degree even while it is not completed, although I should have completed it before the university program begins. Another requirement is the official scores for GRE regarding the past five years. Moreover, I must have scored at least of 146 points related to verbal reasoning, 3 for analytical portion of writing, as well as 144 points on quantitative reasoning. I believe by the end of my training at Valencia College, I will have attained or exceeded these points. My least GPA, on a scale of 4.00, should be 3.00 in my past 60 undergraduate degree hours of credit. On the similar scale, my minimum GPA must not be less than 3.00 for every prerequisite course. In that, every prerequisite course score should be not less than 3.00. Additional requirements to enroll into the universitys physical therapy program include the English or foreign language test.

I am fully aware of my fee structure at the Central University of Florida. For my first academic year, I am required to pay a fee of $63,017.55, whereas for my second year I should pay $55,015.60. For my final year at the university, I am required to only $37,810.53. I do not need the total fees required to enroll for this course. Furthermore, the university's website offers a clear guide on how I can benefit from their financial assistance and aid service. Considering all the above-noted facts, a course in physical therapy is my favorite choice. In fact, with less than a year in this profession, I will earn more than fifty-three thousand dollars per year. As I gain more expertise in the field, my annual salary will range around sixty thousand dollars annually, by the fifth year. In addition to this, physical therapy students graduate prospects are quite high. The course will offer me relevant skills that will be highly needed in future. This makes it a good way to invest my future.


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