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Choosing the best book for the children of various ages is often the challenges that parents have in the todays society. Technology has made it difficult for the children to read books in the current world. Most of the resources are available on the online platforms thus it's still possible for children to access the books even with their digital gadgets even from the comfort of their homes. This assignment aims to provide an analysis of 14 books that parents can recommend for their children to develop their analytical skills of reading.

Books for children below two years

The culture of reading can be developed in children by building their libraries from the time of infancy. Corduroy is the first most important book for the infants up to the children aged two years. This book that is authored by Don Freeman is a hilarious story about a poor bear in need of a button for his overall and a home. A little Lady named buys him a button giving him a chance to get his wishes. The story would help the parent in instilling good manners and healthy relations among the children ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is a simple and memorable story for the children who are below two years of age. The book portrays a caterpillar who is simply in the business of eating putting to their mouth everything palatable they come across. The caterpillars story is made complete through the transformation process. The impact of food on living things is the best lesson children learn from this. Thus, it becomes easy to use the book in convincing babies to eat food ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

My First mother Goose written by Rosemary Wells and edited by Jona Opie is an excellent book to cheer the infants. The book contains so many animal characters and several rhymes that makes it exciting and easy to read. The album is instrumental in teaching the children about the animal kingdom and pleasure of songs in conversations. There is no better way to better the speaking skills of the babies than exposing them to the rhymes in this book ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

The book, Is your Mama a Llama is another fascinating book for children below two years old. Deborah Guarino in this book offers a way of teaching children pronunciation and speaking skills through the use of rhyming stanzas in Lloyd asks other characters about their mamas. He knows the kind of animals his friends form their reply about their mothers. Steven Kellog illustrated this beautiful children book ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

The book Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed is one beautiful for soothing the babies to sleep or preparing them for the bath. The song in the book is enjoyable to the kids thus proves useful for the parents while dealing with the children. The author, Eileen Christelow provides the parents with a helpful masterpiece for their children ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

Sam McBratney in his book, Guess How Much I Love You present a typical parental love story for the parents and the children. This is a lovely tale that is useful for the parents who wish to tell their children to love stories every time especially before they go to sleep. Anita Jeram illustrates the book and published by gorgeous watercolors ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

More More More, Said the Baby: 3 Love Story is an infants book authored by Vera B. Williams and published by Caldecott Honor Book. The book is useful for the growth of the infants since it introduces them to multigenerational and multiracial stories about caregivers and children. The message of the story is the universality of love through illustrations ("Building Baby's First Library: 25 Must-Have Books", 2017).

Books for children between two and five years

The First book is Wishtree which is written by Katherine Applegate in 2017. The book speaks about a 200 years old tree that is fed up with intolerance. The book is illustrated by Charles Santoso and published by Jewel and Friends New York. The book speaks about anti-immigration to the children in a manner that is easy to understand. Nonhuman characters are used to put forth different opinions and tendencies that would intrigue the mind of the children. The book is more appropriate for the children because it helps to create fictitious thoughts that help develop the brain through the non-human characters ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

When the Dinosaurs came with everything is an essential children book. This book is a 40 paged book that is authored by Elisa Broach and has illustrations done by David Small. In the book, a dinosaur transforms a boy's dull day by bringing everything at his disposal. The realization of the kid's dream in the book makes it unique and valuable for the children. This is an illustration of the family on how they can make their children happy while the kids learn to appreciate the gifts received from parents ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is an essential book for the growth of children aged between two to five years. The book is meant to inspire alphabetical reading among the children while at home. The book is written by Bill Martin Jr. in October 1989 and John Archambault and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. The book is published Simon & Schuster Books, New York. The family members can use this book in coaching their children how to read even as they play, dance and sing together ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

The book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is a lovely story for the children below five years old. The book is Bill Martin Jr, and Erick Carle in 1866 and published by Henry Holt and Company. The story uses rhymes to train children and impact their learning process in a positive way. The verses in the story help parents educate their children pronunciation ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

The Velveteen Rabbit that is written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson. The story is one of love that exists between a child and a toy. The child initially develops like for slashy toys but later prefers the rabbit. The story speaks to the family of the existence of a connection between children and their toys. It is crucial to the children as it helps them to connect more with their toys. As for the parents, they get to appreciate the significance of toys in their childrens lives ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

The Goodnight Moon by Margret Wise Brown, published in 1947, is an important best seller book illustrated by Clement Hurd for the children slightly above two years. Through the story, the children are taken through a journey of a sleeping time of a rabbit with the use of rhyming patterns. The story is useful to families as it provides a means of soothing their children to bed every night. A child can never get bored of listening to such a soothing rhyming story ("100 Best Childrens Books of All Time (Ages 2-5)", 2017).

The Frog and Toads Friends by Arnold Lobel is an essential story for the children about friends. The story is vital because of crucial lessons of healthy friendship. The story as published in 1970 and is one of the greatest award-winning children stories winning awards in 2003 and 2012. In fact, there are plans to a created animated film based on this story to ensure the children get the vital lesson of having good friends around them.

En mi familia is a Hispanic children story written by Carmen Lomas Garza. The title of the story means my family in English. This story seeks to speak about the composition of a family by taking the children to the family of the author in their village in Texas. The understanding of the existence and structure of the family unit is fundamental to the children thus this story plays an essential role in shaping the growth and development of the children by defining their existence n family. The story has an English translation, therefore, can be read by American children who do not understand Spanish (Resources, Slang & In, 2017).



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