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The performance and recognition of an institution depend on the pillars of its academic administration and its dedication to offering best educational acquaintance that contests in the career market.Before a student is selected to take a degree course of administration at the University of Texas-El Paso, the selection process ensures that the selected students have a strong preparatory high school education which acts as a concrete foundation for their degree program. The main subjects that the institution considers for selection include social sciences, communication, English and a foundation in mathematics. For students who have done computer technology, it becomes more as an added advantage.

The accreditation of business administration degree shows that the institution has been able to meet the quality set by the accrediting agency. It is also significant because it shows that the institution is committed to meet the standards set by the accrediting agency and also seeks other innovative ways of improving the quality education and training provided. The specific accredited degree in the administration is an assertion for the students because the university has been able to meet the federal, state and specialized accreditation giving validity of the program and better career prospects.

Business administration in the field of business incorporates any management positions. From independent businesses to major corporations, every operation needs skilled administrators to succeed. The University of Texas environment is often high powered for the sake of organizing and motivating personalities. With the increased plans, the university has set up long-term goals that touch on leadership dynamics, information technology and on the ethics and international relationships. This has shown its innovation and room to allow for the growth of business administration.

Through this program in Business administration, students get to be prepared academically and professionally face challenges of the contemporary global business environment. The university accredited programs are the core business courses that cover the fundamental academic areas of management, marketing, accounting, finance and supply chain management. All these courses are being offered and delivered by the business faculty that is committed to research, teaching and community service.

The university takes pride in multi-cultural and international appearances of the Paso del Norte region and utilizes scholarly inquiry and expertise of award-winning faculty to create an educational environment for an international initiative that is experimental, academic and professional development. Student skillful improvement is a point of convergence at the College of Business Administration. The school offers programs that emphasis on aptitude advancement, corporate experience, and introduction to national/global business conditions. These shared learning encounters are a unique instrument for enhancing understudies' learning knowledge hence improving the understudies' prosperity. From our first-year recruit introduction program for new business understudies to profession workshops for graduating seniors, the school's Undergraduate Advising Center gives our understudies the aptitudes they have to prevail in reality.

The first genre explains the importance of studying business being a business major and why one should consider it.

The second genre gives a brief example of how year by year UTEP'S (COBA) building has increased the number of students, and support evidence by asking business students why they chose to study there.

Audience and purpose

The digital source "community of business administration," makes a better claim by grabbing audience attention just because of the way it shows visual information that is way much better than just reading a book.

The anthology Trade Associations in Business History written by Hiroaki Yamazaki, also gives good feedback but does not show the specific examples I am looking for my essay, I rather watch and hear a video than stay for hours reading a book.

The intended audience is for students. Usually, students care more about their future, and what they want to study and my primary goal is to help them understand why studying business is taking you where you want to be, making your dreams come true as a business women or men.

Rhetorical Issues

Both genres provide rhetorical appeals, the way in which these are executed and implemented vary as per the class.


The first genre utilizes this rhetorical appeal by giving the reader at the intro a brief preface about why college students prefer to study business than another carrier; it also explains some sources of the main field of business.

The second source began with the guy introducing the number of college students at the University of Texas at El Paso.


Both sources present this type of rhetorical appeal, they both expose feeling, concerns, and thoughts on the students that choose these career.


My first source involves in thus appealing with all the information from the different authors of the book and by all the evidence it shows. The second source uses logos by the author of the digital source I, who he supports his thoughts and ideas by asking certain, people what he asserted.


Overall, bot genres discussed the main topic well. The first genre was less political than the second, but the second genre allowed an easier interpretation of the content due to the good examples and the main goal that was to compare it with the UTEP students. Each genre demonstrated the same side of the topic. Business at this campus is good and that why the population as the time goes by has raised the gap.



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