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I am applying to be admitted to pursue a major in Biology or Psychology in the University of California. Getting admitted to the undergraduate course has been my dream since childhood, and now that I have attained the right age and grade, I would love to get admission so that I can get to pursue my career goals.

I am a female student attending independence high school. During my free time, I spend most of the hours doing extra-curriculum activities such as swimming, volunteering, watching movies, working out and hanging out with friends. I am a very outgoing person, and thus I can make friends quick and grow my circle. In my current school, I get involved in sports activities and other activities that exist after school. I believe with all these personal traits; I will be able to fit into the University of California and bring change to my class and other students at large.

I also believe that my academic qualifications should be able to allow me to get an admission to do the Biology major at the University. Currently, I have qualifications in Biology, Chemistry, AP chemistry, Algebra 2, precalculus, geometry, AP calculus AB, French, English 1A, English 2A, English 3, World History AP, and U.S History. I have some courses which are still in progress. The courses include; Physiology, AP Statistics, ERWC, and Economics. I believe with these courses; I will be able to major in Biology or Psychology at the University level without a big problem.

The main reason I am looking forward to major in Biology or Psychology is that my dream has always been to be a physician's assistant or a doctor. If I become a doctor, it will be my biggest achievement ever. The University life comes with a lot of dedication of time and resources towards achieving a common good. I plan to be able to achieve the best results from the attendance of the University.

One of the most important things I have learned from my high school level of education is the importance of leadership and the ability to influence others. Leadership is one of the most important things that any person can possess. As a student in my high school, I was able to be a leader and bring influence to other students. I was able to bring influence to my class and promote team work among my class members, especially among the slow learners. I was able to encourage every student to work hard and outperform others in the class.

I have been able to take control of many situations where students had issues to face and needed a solution. For example, there is a time when I was able to solve a dispute involving a senior student and a junior student, and I had to identify the student who was at fault and advice accordingly. With the leadership skills I gained in high school, I believe that I can bring influence to other students. I will be able to create a difference in the college and create change. I can understand every student and also be able to solve every conflict that arises.

I would also like to believe that I have talents and skills that can match the society needs. Personally, I have volunteered in many organizations and contribute to the common good of my community. One of my most important skills is being a problem solver. I have been able to solve many issues that arise from my classmates and other students. Problem-solving is a gift that I pride myself on since it helps grow my abilities.

I am also a critical thinker. We have been able to develop solutions to some issues affecting our school. As a student, I find it important to come up with plans on how to make the school better off rather than forgoing the issues faced by individuals. I thus always work on making the schooling experience memorable to every student available. Also, I try to ensure that every student can understand the conditions available and develop a team spirit.

Even though I have been a leader and a team player, there are many challenges that I have faced while in school. The first challenge developed when it came to trying to find a balance between academics and extra-curriculum activities. As an active athlete, I used to spend many hours while training, on the pitch and tournaments. It became a major challenge trying to understand how I will be able to create a balance between school and the extra-curriculum activities.

The challenge created a drawback in my school performance as I was unable to reach the best levels of performance in class. However, I was able to regain back my ability to perform better in class and get the best results. The other challenge that surfaced was with regards to leadership. As a leader, I was unable to make the right judgments each time an issue occurred. Due to such challenges, friends and students found it inconvenient for them, and I began losing the most important people from time to time.

The challenges that I faced as a student were some of the most temping times of my life. I was able to gain professional experience on how to handle challenges that every person faces in their life time. It has been an incredible journey in my high school life, and I find it important to share the experience in this application since it will help me gain more trust in growth. I was able to overcome the challenge by learning from leaders such as the existing school officials and also my parents.

Application to the University of California is an important journey for me towards achieving my personal goals and dreams. I believe I am a strong candidate for admissions to the University of California due to my good leadership skills and personal experiences. I believe once I am admitted to the University, I will be able to bring change to a lot of students within the university and create influence. I also believe I am good at motivating other students towards working hard and achieving the best results so far. With my personal experience, I will be able to help the University of California and its faculty attain better heights of performance since I will work on every way possible to encourage students to develop solutions to problems that exist within the university. I will effectively and efficiently use my problem-solving abilities to develop long-lasting solutions to social issues.

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