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Educational philosophy

According to Ferdiawan and Putra (2013), educational philosophy is an opportunity for one to strive and define what exactly teaching means to him/her as a true educator. It gives evidence or tells how and why you teach as you do. Ferdiawan and Putra (2013) again argued that educational philosophy is an important tool to a teacher or an administrator when seeking tenure or promotion in an institution, as well as when seeking for a first job.My philosophy of education is that all learners are equal and that both have a right to a productive and fruitful education.

Why I feel education is an important profession.

As a teacher, I believe education as a profession provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth as an educator I hope to instill a hope of love for learning to my students and share my passion for learning unto them. Yaqin (2014), also tries to suggest that in our competitive society it is prudent for students not only to receive a solid education but to work with strong dedicated and compassionate individuals who are aware of and sensitive to their individual needs. For sure I am such a person who will always strive to be the best educator than I can be.

How I would like to be taught

Every classroom set up presents not unique learners that vary in abilities and attitudes but also in learning styles. My role as a teacher is to enlighten learners with tools that will intern help them dig deep and enhance their knowledge, to achieve this I will identify the needs of each child and satisfy them completely thereby making learners feel successful an capable.

How I plan to approach my learners

My classroom will be a caring, equitable and safe environment where each child has an opportunity to blossom and grow. Will show the learners all the beauty they possess inside to enhance a sense of pride conducive for motivation unto them will allow learners to become responsible members of our community by using measures like class meetings, study groups, positive discipline and democratic principles.

What I consider my teaching style to be

I will ensure that my teaching style is learner friendly thereby adopting the learner-centered approach to enhance learner participation in the learning process.

I believe that each learner is unique and needs a caring atmosphere that will enable him/her grow and mature emotionally, intellectually and socially. It is my desire as an excellent educator to help learners meet their highest potential in such areas by providing an environment that is safe and support sharing of ideas. This can be achieved by allowing the teacher was acting as a guide, allowing the natural curiosity of the learners to direct their learning and promoting respect for the surrounding environment.

When the teacher assumes the role of guiding the learners and providing access to information Ruther than acting as the primary source of information, the students search for knowledge is met as they strive to find answers for themselves. For students to be able to construct knowledge, they need an opportunity to discover for themselves and practice the skills by themselves in different situations.

How I support learning.

For learning to be productive, then the surrounding environment will act as a leading an educator I will ensure that the learning environment is secure, bright, motivating and fun so that the learners are encouraged to achieve their full potential, this can be achieved through a combination of vigorous play and intentional teaching.

I will ensure that the learners are valued, nurtured and respected as individuals. It is my role as an educator to assume responsibility for each learner's personal and educational development while there are in my care. My planning and daily care must cater for, stimulate and change the diverse range of needs, talents, and cultures of my learners.



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