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In the modern world, which is associated with various changes and advancements in all fields, I find disciplines that are affiliated with economics to be of significant value. After pursuing courses in finance that put into the view the application of problem-solving and critical thinking skills, I have witnessed the relevance of comprehending business knowledge concerning the entire field of finance. It can be perceived that the field of finance plays a crucial role in the life of an individual and the society. My academic affiliations and the experience that I have heard in applying the knowledge that I have in business have prompted me to apply for a course in business finance. I hope to obtain adequate knowledge regarding financial analysis and management.

One of my academic affiliations includes MIT where I studied finance courses. They include managerial finance, corporate finance, and finance theory. The managerial finance course included the fundamentals associated with current financial analysis which is significant for any business professional. It covered topics such as risk analysis, asset management and corporate and individual investment choices. The corporate finance course focused on corporate management of finance. Some of the topics covered include; security issues, capital budgeting, management of working capital, dividend policy, and decisions and valuations regarding investments. Finance theory focused on the core theory associated with corporate finance and capital markets. Some of the covered topics include; valuation theory, pricing models related to risky assets, risk analysis, financial securities in addition to the portfolio theory. I also studied Economics at Peking University where I was also exposed to various areas of finance. The core areas in the course include; macroeconomics, microeconomics, political economy, the history associated with the economic thought and econometrics. From an individual perspective, with such knowledge, I believe that I have a solid foundation in pursuing a course in business finance.

Travelling to more than ten main economic countries has also contributed to my desire for pursuing further knowledge in business finance. Some of the countries include; the U.S., the U.K, Germany, France, India, and Italy. I have learned plenty of information during my travels regarding the global financial market, purchasing power parity, and issues such as commodity pricing and oil pricing that highly impact the GDP of countries.

I have also participated in the senior high school business competitions where I acted as a judge and analyzed the business ideas that the young people presented. Being part of the competition allowed me to realize that the young generation is rich with ideas that require attention and consideration and that they require individuals like me to develop and nurture their dreams. With more knowledge acquired from the course in business finance, I believe that I will be adequately prepared to guide young people who are interested in the field of business. I also assisted my elder brother in analyzing and assessing the stock market. I learned a lot from experience and therefore, I believe that I am capable of analyzing stocks and the local capital market.

I believe that, despite my finance courses and exposure to the financial world, there is still more knowledge that I require to understand the financial spectrum fully. I consider a course in business finance as a step towards professional growth and development. I hope to take part in research activities that will play significant roles in finance as per the course contents.

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