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According to Brid Connolly (2008), the process of team learning emphasizes on the acquisition of different perspectives from individuals, who contribute to collective knowledge considered greater than that of a single person. In this regard, the learning unit that is created by the individuals in the team makes it possible for them to reflect on and question the assumptions considered which constitute the learning process. Based on this provision, it would be essential to address the elements in the provided lesson to evaluate the reasons for its success, partial success, or the lack of its success. Since it is a short lesson that emphasizes the need for college students to acquire knowledge on how they could write a memoir, the different sessions and activities they undertake to complete the lesson are suitable for ensuring that they achieve the predetermined objectives.

The process of teaching, as well as learning, requires suitable lesson planning. In this regard, a prepared teacher is likely to be successful in his or her instructional experience since the development of lessons that the learners consider interesting takes a significant amount of time and effort. One of the elements that could be relied on to indicate that the lesson being evaluated is likely to succeed is the idea that the plan has clearly stipulated objectives. From the onset, the lesson provides the goals and the guidelines that the learners should focus on, which provides them with the foundation for visualizing and preparing for the different steps involved in the learning process. This visualization is fundamental since it typically increases the success of the instructional process.

The other element that could be identified from the lesson to indicate that it is likely to succeed is its sequencing. According to Lange and Burroughs-Lange (2017), the fundamental purpose of lesson sequencing is to ensure that there is a smooth transition between different sessions. The transitions are essential for ensuring that the objectives of the preplanned units are achieved, consequently making it possible to achieve optimal learning outcomes. The lesson being evaluated has well-sequenced and properly organized sessions that will allow for a smooth functioning of the adult learning process. Conversely, it does not only facilitate scaffolding but identifies the different elements that should be covered in each session. The arrangement makes it less difficult for the teacher to identify the optimal points, which makes it possible for him or her to check the students understanding of the presented material as well as the best way through which the assessments would be structured.

Apart from lesson sequencing, the other element that can assist in determining the success of a particular lesson is the identification of the materials that are to be used in each session and the activities meant to ensure that the students understand the materials (Lange & Burroughs-Lange, 2017). The lesson under evaluation has identified particular materials such as books, which the students have to read before being evaluated at the end of each of the sessions. From the lesson plan, it is possible to identify that the instructor focuses on group activities. Since the fundamental objective of the lesson is to ensure that the students acquire suitable skills for writing memoirs, the group activities are likely to be beneficial since they will assist the students to hone their skills on the same. The activities are necessary for breaking some of the complex tasks they might encounter into different parts (Connolly, 2008). Conversely, the group activities will ensure that the students refine their understanding through the discussions they will be having as well as the explanations they will receive.

In conclusion, it would be possible to indicate that the lesson used for adult team learning is likely to be successful. Its success is based on the idea that the objectives to be met are stated clearly and they align with the skills that the instructor expects the students to acquire. Conversely, the lesson has secondary objectives that are essential for guiding students and ensuring that they acquire the desired skill in writing memoirs. The idea that the lesson is likely to be successful is also evident in the explicit connections between the previous as well as past lessons. For instance, in the second session, the students will be required to provide their personal narratives based on their experiences. Such an evaluation technique is likely to ensure that the student makes the required connections with their learning experiences, which is essential for improving their understanding regarding the subject at hand and increase their knowledge. The lesson is also well-sequenced, which is not only beneficial to the instructor, but to the students as well. The beneficial aspect of this provision is the idea that the lesson is likely to create smooth transitions between the different sessions, consequently making it possible for the instructor to fulfill the goals of the unit plans. Among other elements, the analyzed components regarding the lesson being evaluated are likely to lead to the conclusion that this lesson will be successful.


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