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There are various academic research strategies that Clouse and Grevstad identified in their study that is also evident in Beasons book of Errors and Ethos. Most emphasis is given to the field research strategies since most students have only read about the research that can lead them to what other people have discovered about their topic (Clouse & Grevstad, 2011, p. 22). Most of them do not pay keen attention to the fact that field research needs a lot of inquiry which can go as far as assisting the student in coming up with their first-hand findings. The research strategies involve conducting interviews and surveys.

In conducting an interview Clause and Gevstad laid down some guidelines that would assist any student who would need to carry out the procedure. The authors indicated that one should need to decide whether the question will be open or closed (Clouse & Grevstad, 2011, p.22). The reason for identifying those questions is to limit the respondent response. It is important for the interviewer to take into consideration various approaches like preparing the questions so that he or she can give room for the interviewee to expound in various directions.

While conducting a survey, questionnaires are needed to set questions that can be designed to gather information from a particular group of individuals. It is essential for the students to know that there are different kinds of surveys like there is a difference between social science and other subjects (Clouse & Grevstad, 2011, p.23). The survey is useful if the researcher wants to get a general opinion or the reaction from a particular group or individual. What the author was trying to portray is the fact that survey allows the researcher to the purpose of the study and test the respondent to identify if they can be eligible for the task.

Since any research needs one to give support and evidence that can be credible and reliable, it is strategic for a researcher to be responsible. It is wrong for any researcher to mistake that the professor would not notice and that he or she can borrow information from any sources without recognizing the author and indicate it in work (Clouse & Grevstad, 2011p 16). Plagiarism is unethical due to lack of credit giving or the mistake of the researcher to be dishonest about the rules of academic writing. All the field research strategies are evident in Beasons work where he acknowledged that using a field procedure like questionnaire allows the researcher to monitor the respondent and the information closely preventing the creation of errors.

Beason pointed out that the main advantage of using the field strategy like questionnaire is to open up a way for a tangible mechanism to be provided and fewer errors to be found. It is evident from a survey that was carried out about errors by the author that questionnaire was helpful in identifying types of errors from person to person and also on natives speakers (Beason, 2001, p. 7). The quantitative results that were acquired exposed how difficult it can be for a given leader to predict the reaction to errors.

On the other hand, the qualitative agreement through the use of questionnaire could illustrate the different type of errors made by various individuals creating a way to predict the pattern. The interview carried out by Beason demonstrated how different evaluations were made about complexity (Beason, 2001, p. 15). Interviews gave the researcher firsthand information about the effects or errors in a conversation. Participating in the research strategies makes it easier for the researcher to interpret the meaning and have firsthand findings of the topic of study.


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