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Learning is the process of acquiring knowledge, principles, skills developments and also garnering experience in particular career prospect. Learning is perceived as a gradual process which significantly alludes to diverse modalities of engagement. Personally, exploring the avenues of knowledge in education career line was the most significant step I boldly made in my career prospects. The whole process was a journey that ultimately held tight the reward at the pinnacle point because my hard work hard to pay handsomely.

Making the appropriate and contentious university career choice is primarily the hardest verdict students ought to face. Having satisfactorily met the threshold of undertaking the Education Bachelors in Boston, the only significant thing I had to go through was the university environs adaptation to ensure my smooth and efficient learning process. The transition from high school to university level depicted actual changes in my learning endeavors. Here, the environment seemed significantly serene with every part focused on the coursework deliberations. Tutors were addressed as lecturers, doctors and professors in this level. The essence of having been pushed to carry out our daily chores was overhauled by the caretakers who maintained the conditions of our environs while the learning time was scheduled on an hourly basis. On the learning aspects, the modalities had taken an entirely new dimension. The halls of tuition were fitted with sound systems and projectors. Here, the so-called lecturers could only be identified once they stepped onto the podium to lecture since they had no identical dressing code. More so. The plight of assignment submission and deadlines transformed my thinking. Most of the lecturers had the tendencies of requiring the assignment to be dropped in the repositories or emailing a concept which significantly challenged me. Also, navigating the school library systems challenged me. The high school level libraries used the catalogue system in retrieval and identification of the learning materials while the system I had to acquaint with had the online library, google books and the world cat systems of journals exploration as the core learning resources.

Research work, essay writings and the concept papers were the core academic stimulus in education coursework. Exploring the coursework posed a significant challenge thus in the course of my career prospect I learned the compelling logic of discussion. The discursive concepts meant that cooperation amongst the peers was the core technicality in achieving the best in classwork. Students results were ranked subject to the individual grades, and in some instances, the revolutionized learning modalities presumed the gaming theory concepts. These approach was way too different from what I was used to in my prior level of level of learning. Active learning requires high discipline and thorough commitment to your assignments and coursework. As a learner, I upheld the school decorum by presuming the significant adherence to my assignments deadlines and the school examination rules. Primarily, achieving the best is the replica of the struggle and effort we significantly impart as learners in our quest to deliver the very best. In this level of learning, the personality traits and individual goals were the core determinants of the pursuit. Research work majorly served as the core span of the institution as students were mostly taught innovatively. Shaping the current generation in a technologically viable paradigm serves as the emphasized learning technicalities. Basically, I realized that the educator in this platform of learning was more of offering directives rather than exploring the concepts. Concisely, learners have to examine much based on the educational, technological advancement tools as opposed to the prior learning strategies where the tutor explores the content for the learners.

Learning process exhibits the reality in research work. Here, the students have to explore the works of their peers and identify gaps which are meaningful and ought to be addressed in our society. In my learning endeavor, the glowing and prompt review of the past studies based on the contextual educational journals I was able to gain the hands-on experience on the secondary research skills. These skills significantly helped in the aspects of critically evaluating and prioritizing secondary data since insights on various topics of interest were garnered via critical evaluation of the past studies based on the substantial information of interest. More so, my primary research skills were significantly improved in the process of conducting theoretical research studies as part of y coursework. Moreover, the valuable experience in data collection, coding, entry and analysis at an individual level posed a practical aspect of quantitative and qualitative research action plan in my mindset thus boosting my competency in research. Research is an integral concept in our current economy and exhibiting hands-on skill as a learner equips one with the prerequisite knowledge that spans the manipulative aspect of our current economy. Based on this reflection, the learner would like to recognize that the whole journey has been interactive and full of ecstatic learning experience pertaining his education major. Predominantly, the learner feels that the process has been essential and fully equipped for his future academic and education career prospects.

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