Essay on the Influence of the Language Spoken at Home on the IQ and STA Levels of the Students

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1.    Tan explains that some languages are more expressive than others.

I agree with Tan that some languages are more expressive than others. Tan explains that her mother who has difficulties in expressing herself in pure and fluent English. According to the statements that she is reported to have made its difficult to get the meaning of the statement unless you get used to the person who speaks the broken language. In this version of broken English, its difficult to get the meaning and the arrangement of the sentence is also not well arranged. This broken English according to Tan made it difficult for her mother to get quality services from the doctors, banks and other places where she was to access services from. Tans mother had to ask Tan to pretend to be her so as to speak on her behalf because Tan can express herself better than her mother in English.

In another case where Tans mother was telling a story that she could only express in broken and limited English and could hardly be understood as the tenses, we not properly arranged and it proved very difficult to understand. Additionally, Tan was forced to use broken English when talking to her mother but found it very difficult to express herself fluently as she was used to proper English with correct tenses.

2. Do you agree with Tan in paragraphb15 that the language spoken at home affects the IQ and STA levels of the students?

I agree and disagree in equal measure with Tans statement that states that the kind of English spoken weather broken or proper English can affect the students performance in IQ and the STA. IQ test also referred to as an intelligence quotient test is the total score of a number of standardized tests (STA) designed to assess the intelligence level of a human being.

This is because the language ability can affect the ability in other disciplines that are important when it comes to intelligence such as maths and science, therefore, affecting the person IQ. On the other hand, the language spoken at home can affect the level of understanding of a student, therefore, making it difficult for the student to perform well in school. On the other hand, I might disagree with Tans idea that the language spoken at home will affect the IQ and STA performance of the student. This will be attributed to the fact that the IQ of a person is mainly attributed to their ability to think critically, solve mathematical problems and being creative among others. However, it should be understood that the student's ability to think critically and solve the mathematical problem can be affected by the language spoken at home as this will affect their levels of understanding. It's also important to point out that the language spoken at home that might be broken can make the student have difficulty in expressing their level of intelligence regardless of the students being intelligent in nature. The broken or limited language can also affect the student's attitude towards languages making them perform better in sciences than languages pointing to the students being more intelligent.


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