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Mathematics is one of the technical subjects in the modern world. The subjects require calculation of different formulas and majorly involve the use of figures. Different students exhibit negative attitude towards the subject. This study thus focuses on the impact of problem-solving instructions on the students attitude towards mathematics. The study aims to determine the various factors that affect the attitude of the students towards the subject. The study also focuses on the different ways of improving the performance of the students in the subject and the positive change of the student's attitude towards the subject. The study also examines how the attitude of the students affects the final grade of the students.

Montague, Krawec, Enders and Dietz, 2014, state in their article that motivation is a significant element that contributes to the performance of the students in mathematics. According to the authors, environmental conditions also affect the performance of an individual. The authors argue that influence and the nature of interaction among the students in a given surrounding affect their view and attitude towards the subject. This source thus enables me understand the various factors that affect the attitude of the students towards the subject. The source also helps in the identification of the reasons why the performance of the students varies in mathematics. The acts as a literature review to my research and thus help my research paper remain focused on the topic of discussion. It also helps my research gather data easily and adequately. The articles contribute towards my research by elaborating on the factors that affect the students attitude towards mathematics and the grades attained by the students. This enables proper examination, evaluation and comparison of the factors that affect the students attitude once I complete the research. This will ensure the development of proper recommendation at the end of the research.

Both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection are thus necessary for the attainment of the primary goals of the study. Observation, interview, questionnaire, and sampling are some of the methods employed to ensure the collection of appropriate data based on the factors that affect the attitude of students towards mathematics.

Nevertheless, it is challenging to get adequate information from students on the challenges they face while handling the subject. Most of the students are not free to share their problems making it difficult to understand their challenges accurately. Teachers and parents should thus ensure the proper motivation of the children to ensure the development of positive attitude among the students. Teachers should guarantee the installation of good problem-solving instruction to the children and the provision of adequate guidance (Montague, Krawec, Enders & Dietz, 2014). Mathematics is a very involving and technical subject, but with proper education, tutoring, and practice, children can develop a positive attitude and perform exemplary in the subject.


Montague, M., Krawec, J., Enders, C., & Dietz, S. (2014). The effects of cognitive strategy instruction on math problem solving of middle-school students of varying ability. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106(2), 469.

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