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According to scholars, play rights of a child are more important in the current world. Most parts of the world. The rights of the child have been taken into account to improve the living standards of the child (Casey, 2010). The children are the most important people in the entire society. This can be incorporated further by the United Nations has established more on the rights of the child.

According to Casey (2010) chapter 1, the first step is forming, our strategies for supporting whole play to bring a sharp focus back to our understanding of the game itself. However, highly supported the coupling of the words inclusive and play. We have created a phrase open to interpretation and even picking of what we are aiming for is vital. The idea has generated the play rights of the children in the entire world. It has further made the importance of the play rights of the children in the world.

Play helps children to develop physically, emotionally, uprightly, socially and mentally (Andrews 2013). This further adds the game, allows the children, and endorses its belief in article 31 of the convention on the rights of the child. Nevertheless, children develop this through the association whereby they associate with their colleagues in the society. This nurture the upkeep of the children in the community, as they are associating and even realize their talents from their colleagues.

Inclusive play, we believe all kids are created equal (Casey, 2010). This enables us to create a favorable environment for all children using inclusive playground equipment that welcome kids and families of all abilities to grow, play and learn from one another as they interact and share everyday experiences and hence coming up with new ideas and skills.

The children understand well the world as they are associating together. As many associates from different communities, children improve their ability and the understanding of the surrounding. This illustrates that the children gain confidence and know how to socialize with each others. This enhances specialization and the determination of the children and enables them to build up their personality.

The rights of the child are facilitated by understanding them. However, I have further understood the way of handling the children and take an account the active memory of the children. The rights protection has created a comprehensive understanding in my profound knowledgement in large. Through taking concern towards child rights has inspired my ways of living in the world and empowering the children in large (Casey, 2010).

Secondly, l further understands the concept of the rights of the child from the United Nations Convention. The content contained in the rights of a child has improved my understanding of the issues dealing with the play right of a child. This one has enhanced me in educating the society and the community at large including the family members, relatives, and teachers in common.

On the understanding of the article more inclusively, l have come up with one question which will improve me understand the context of the children rights. The problem points out how we can promote the rights of the child in general. How can we nurture the rights of the child?

In conclusion, the exploring childrens play rights have built an important role on the expertise of the children rights. This has importantly improved the associating and even knowing each other no matter where they come from. The idea has elevated the plays rights of the child in the entire world as discussed above.


Andrews, M. (2012). Exploring play for early childhood studies. Exeter: Learning Matters. Laster and Russell (2008) Northern, Ireland.

Casey, T. (2010). Inclusive Play: Practical strategies for children from birth to eight. Sage.


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