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The belief that one is fully in charge of his or her own actions and the consequences is what is called personal accountability. It is one's choice, conviction, and expression of honesty. Some people show responsibility more than others do (Is Personal Accountability in Your Job Description). However, it should be clear that personal accountability is a foundation to a successful life and essential for happiness. There are several factors to take note of because they contribute directly to personal accountability. They include; commitment, ownership, resilience and continuous learning. In the book, Hidden Figures by Margot Shetterly, the inspiring true story of three women, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Winston and Katherine Johnson who worked fearlessly in pursuit of their dreams gives meaning to being accountable for our success. Indeed, to show tremendous accountability, these three women are truly role models.

Hidden Figures is a celebration and story of unrecognized black women who devoted themselves and worked as scientists, mathematicians, computers, and engineers for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The women were too brilliant to be slowed down by sexism and racism. The women walked away from traditions, low-paying professions and trailed into a largely white, segregated work-force that fitted them. Indeed, it is so clear that these women despite all the challenges they faced they did not lose sight of their dreams. They took charge of their path of success, and thus we shall consider them individually how they got their success and what they went through in becoming successful.

To start us off, let us focus on Dorothy Vaughan. Before securing a job at NASA, she was a teacher temporarily. She worked in the colored computing department from 1949 the time she was made to lead the team. She became the first Black-American supervisor after working for so many years before she got promoted. There was a time she learned that her group was going to be replaced with the installation of new IBM 7090 computers that were meant for a large scale technological application. Dorothy then self-taught the FORTRAN programming language since she knew it would be demanded in years ahead and taught the rest of the group. She was so committed to her group. During her career, Dorothy was raising her four kids and used public transport to work.

Then there was Mary Jackson who was a wife and a mother of two. She was an intelligent woman. She entered West Area Computer division in 1953. Mary was encouraged by engineer Kazimierz to get additional education that she required for her to be promoted to an engineer. While enrolling, she was denied admission. She did not quit though. She petitioned to be allowed to attend the course. She succeeded, and she was promoted to be an aerospace engineer in 1958. She was the first black to be an engineer.

Katherine Johnson was a very brilliant mathematician in NASA. She was a mother of three and twice-married. She was given a job in West Area Computer division in the year 1953. She analyzed topics such as alleviation for aircraft. She was a calculating woman who worked on the Mercury Project. Before orbiting the earth, Glen asked her to do the math to ensure he was safe. It was her well-calculated moves and ability that saved many missions of NASA that would have eventually failed.

Indeed, to show tremendous accountability, the three women are role models. The three took charge of what they wanted to be. Each of them stood out from the crowd and became a pioneer. They did not let traditions, racism or any challenge weigh them down. They continuously committed to learning and never gave up despite the tough situations and indeed they eventually became successful. In the same vein, let's be accountable personally for our destiny and success. Trials and challenges should not hinder us from reaching where we want to be. We should take control of whom and what we want to be.

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