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Lereya, S. T., Copeland, W. E., Costello, E. J., & Wolke, D. (2015). Adult mental health consequences of peer bullying and maltreatment in childhood: two cohorts in two countries. The Lancet Psychiatry, 2(6), 524-531.

The article contains information about mental health. The author provides the reader with an understanding regarding adult mental health. The author of the article points the surrounding conditions of the children as the major factors contributing to the conditions of mental health in adulthood. Some of the childhood environment such as bullying and all forms of maltreatments in childhood contribute to the adult mental health.


The article is detailed and has enough content for the study of adult mental health. The author used plain language in the article and thus readers can easily understand.

McLeod, G. F. H., Horwood, L. J., & Fergusson, D. M. (2016). Adolescent depression, adult mental health and psychosocial outcomes at 30 and 35 years. Psychological medicine, 46(7), 1401-1412.

The author focused on the psychosocial outcome of adult mental health. In this case, depressions during the adolescence are likely to cause adult mental problems. The points parental care is important determinants of adult mental health.


The article is thorough and helps the reader understand the topic of mental health. The arrangement of content in the article is chronological. The reader can get the theme of the entire article by reading the abstract.

Jones, P. B. (2013). Adult mental health disorders and their age at onset. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 202(s54), s5-s10.

The article is about age of children when they are susceptible to depression. In the article, the author points out adolescents as the most fragile age where most children develop mental problems.


The article is good for research because it has detail information about causes of depression during adulthood.

Herrenkohl, T. I., Hong, S., Klika, J. B., Herrenkohl, R. C., & Russo, M. J. (2013). Developmental impacts of child abuse and neglect related to adult mental health, substance use, and physical health. Journal of family violence, 28(2), 191-199.

The article is about factors that contribute to mental disorders in adulthood. The author provided a detailed explanation regarding childhood activities such as child abuse, child neglecting and substance abuse as the leading cause of adult mental problems.


The article support learning on the topic of mental health. In this case, the authors provide a chronology of activities and clear sup topics thus making work easier for the reader.

Murray, L. K., Dorsey, S., Haroz, E., Lee, C., Alsiary, M. M., Haydary, A., ... & Bolton, P. (2014). A common elements treatment approach for adult mental health problems in low-and middle-income countries. Cognitive and behavioral practice, 21(2), 111-123.

The article is a case study regarding the approaches for the treatment of adult mental health in different countries. The author admits that mental health of an individual is important. It is apparent from that article that young men from low-income countries are susceptible to mental problems.


The case studies provided in the article helps the reader understand the connections between mental problems and economics. There are high chances of mental health problems in countries where many people are poor.

Hall, C. L., Newell, K., Taylor, J., Sayal, K., & Hollis, C. (2015). Services for young people with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder transitioning from child to adult mental health services: a national survey of mental health trusts in England. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 29(1), 39-42.

The article is about a survey of cases of mental health in England. The author tries to give a connection between genetics and later mental health of the children. It is clear in the article that lack of attentions in children exposes the child to cases of mental problems.


The article support knowledge about the topic. Any researcher on the topic of child mental health can find helpful ideas from the topic.

Becares, L., Dewey, M., & Das-Munshi, J. (2017). P96 Ethnic density effects for adult mental health: systematic review and meta-analysis of international studies.

The article contains an analysis regarding effects of ethnical diversity on adult mental health. In the article, it is apparent that when the communities living together are diverse, cases of mental problems in adults is high. It is clear that high cost of living had contributed to mental disorders in the most middle-aged population.


The article is good for studying the topic of mental health. The author explained clearly the causes of mental disorders in ethnically diverse regions.

Paul, M., Ford, T., Kramer, T., Islam, Z., Harley, K., & Singh, S. P. (2013). Transfers and transitions between child and adult mental health services. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 202(s54), s36-s40.

The author focused on the nature of the transition between childhood and adulthood as responsible for the mental disorders in adulthood. For example, child abuse, lack of basic needs in the childhood may contribute to child frustrations in the adulthood.


The article is shallow because it focuses on the single cause of the mental problem in adult hood. However, the information in the article is helpful in the study of the topic in question.

O'hanrahan, K., Daly White, M., Carr, A., Cahill, P., Keenleyside, M., Fitzhenry, M., ... & McCullagh, A. (2017). Validation of 28 and 15 item versions of the SCORE family assessment questionnaire with adult mental health service users. Journal of Family Therapy, 39(1), 4-20.

The article contains a detailed research on the adult mental health. The article exposes the common causes of adult mental health and intervention strategies to reduce the diverse conditions in the adulthood.


The information in the article is firsthand. For example, the report consists of a study on a specific population regarding the topic in question. The arrangement of information in the article is appealing and is good for research.

Fayyad, J., Sampson, N. A., Hwang, I., Adamowski, T., Aguilar-Gaxiola, S., Al-Hamzawi, A., ... & Gureje, O. (2017). The descriptive epidemiology of DSM-IV Adult ADHD in the World Health Organization World Mental Health Surveys. ADHD Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders, 9(1), 47-65.

The article contains the descriptions of the entire topic of adult health. The authors sourced the information from reputable health organization about the topic. It is apparent from the article that most of the individuals experiencing mental problems in adulthood had challenges in their youthful stage.


The information in the article is believable because the source of the information is from a reputable source. For example, world health organization provides a true picture regarding the mental health of adults.

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