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More often we do find ourselves laughing at strangest moments. The moments can even include when we are supposed to sympathize with someone or a situation. The uncontrollable laughter more often than not can become so infectious to the rest if hanging out with a group of friends. The laughter can even lead to one shedding tears. It was just last week that I got myself in such a moment of uncontrollable laughter.

We had a group discussion meeting for our group two. I was sitting next to Spence. Spence turned to my side to let me see a video of a superhero man who was almost naked walking to a swimming pool that was frozen. After some few minutes of stretching his muscles intensely, he jumped into the pool. He tumbled and smashed on the ice, and it remained unbroken. Immediately, we broke into a very uncontrollable laughter. As to why we laughed instead of having pity on the man I did not understand.

This uncontrollable laughter of Spence and me was a distractor. We laughed uncontrollably for some time till Spence started crying amidst the uncontrollable laughter. Some of the group members equally followed suit to laugh. However, for their case, they did not laugh because of the video, since they had not seen it. They laughed because of our uncontrollable laughter which I suppose was like a contagious disease.

After the discussion, many questions ran through my mind concerning that uncontrollable laughter. The questions ranged from, why we laughed at the man in that video despite the fact that he was in pain after crashing on the unbroken ice. Then I asked myself, why is it that the rest of the group members found themselves laughing as well? And lastly, why was Spence involved in crying amidst of the uncontrollable laughter?

From that moment of uncontrollable laughter, I got a deeper understanding of it. I got to understand that uncontrollable laughter is not always associated with the comedy value. Our relationship with others is the main trigger to the uncontrollable laughter. Laughter is a social emotion I can say because it brings people together and makes us bond. When we laugh with other people, it shows that we like and agree with them. I understood that laughter is a key to relationships.

It was fascinating how fast we started laughing at the man who jumped into a frozen swimming pool. In my deep understanding, probably we did not do it to make him feel any better. It is because that uncontrollable laughter correlates with much pain. This pain encourages endorphins chemicals to be released, and the substances help in social bonding. Equally, I understood that uncontrollable laughter is so infectious and that is why the rest of the group members found themselves laughing too. Uncontrollable laughter leads to a lot of pressure around the tear ducts. This is the same pressure that made Spence cry in amidst of laughing uncontrollably.

They say, "Laughter is the best medicine." I concur with the adage. Since laughter is infectious, we should make use of it to make those feeling low at least to laugh as well. I wonder why of all the positive emotions people find uncontrollable laughter a less critical sentiment. Most people think uncontrollable laughter is uncalled for or ridiculous. However, I find it to be a social behavior that is fascinating.

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