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According to the attachment, on anxiety, I scored 4.89, on a scale ranging from 1-7. Based on that scale, 1 indicated very low anxiety while 7 was the maximum number. On my attachment related to avoidance, I scored 3.11 on a scale ranging from 1-7. Judging from the results, I believe that they are accurate as I tend to have a high anxiety issues when it comes to my personal life. My overall score is that I fall in the preoccupied region of space. In most cases, I fear that my partner might not love me enough or leave me for another person. According to the reports, high anxiety has led to the collapse of many relationships since it leads to distrust among the partners. According to the attachment, I fall in the preoccupied region of space. Reports indicate that such type of people has a high conflictual relationship (Broderick, & Blewitt, 2015). Although they are comfortable to express their emotions, the preoccupied individual often experiences a lot of negative emotions.

The reason that makes me believe the results are accurate is the fact that I have been having confliction relationship for the past years. As much as it is being easy to express my opinion to my partner, I cannot be able to fully trust her. In that light, it brings some tension even when she has not done anything to offend me. In that light, I like to express negative emotions which have resulted to running my previous relationships. However, it is certain that I can still be able to improve on those weaknesses.

The adult attachment survey has shaped my development as an adult. First, I have learned how to control my anxiety aspects since it is on the higher side. It is perceived that people with fewer anxiety aspects will overlook some of the things that their partner might do to them. In some cases, it is considered to be mature move. Without the survey, it would difficult for me to understand some of my behaviors in the past. As much as I can express my emotions, I have also learned to try and listen to what the other partner has to say about a given situation. Based on that, it has enabled me to improve my relationship as an adult. According to the score, the rate of my avoidance is still high, and I need to work on that. It makes people feel insecure most of the time.

As an adult, one of the fundamental things that I learned was to open to others; it is better to express your emotions to another person that to keep it to yourself. As such, through the survey, I learned that people must be able to express their feeling more for them to maintain their relationship. It is certain that people learn from their mistakes and the first way is to accept the mistakes.

In conclusion, based on the information from the survey, I was able to learn where I fall on that scale. As such, I learned some of the reasons that made my relationship to fail in that past and some of the ways that I can use to move forwards.



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