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The above query has been in the minds of many people. Researchers have not yet proven the definitive answer to the question. Some people argue that leaders get their skills right from birth. According to Hannah (2013), leaders have certain neurological differences from people who are not leaders. The study makes it possible to identify leaders by utilizing brain scans. According to the great man concept and trait approaches, individuals inherit some of their characteristics and qualities which make them favorable for leadership. Some researchers argue that certain inborn attributes which incline people to grow and become leaders. The contrast amid learning an expertise and mastering is the same as a person with innate gifts. On the other hand, behavioral concepts assert that individuals can grow to be leaders in the process of instructing, observing, and learning (Hyacinth, 2014). Leadership, by this theory, is a range of expertise which one can learn by practicing, perceiving, experiencing, and train over a period. Learning in leadership is a lifetime operation (Leadership Central, 2017). Successful leaders probe for advancement opportunities which will enable them to master new expertise.

The first interpretation of leadership is a system by which some individual affects others to achieve goals by directing them to make sure a united and consistent trend. According to Northhouse (2007), leadership is a system by which a person affects some individuals originally to accomplish a shared goal. In my opinion, leadership is a skill like any other which requires practice and continuous training for one to master it completely. Goldsmith (2009) suggested that people who have training on how to handle their emotions as leaders had a significant enhancement in their capacity to select their feelings and the passion of other individuals to manage and regulate their emotions. Conclusively, the above question will remain contentious to many people. Leadership may be an essential skill or a developed expertise.



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