Personal Statement Example: The Legal and Political Sources of Respectful Environment in US

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Looking at things that take place in our day-to-day activities, legal policy and politics are significant aspects of having a prosperous nation. The citizens can subjectively feel a country's prosperity. The vital thing is a nation where the leaders care about the future of the country. We are all devoted to greatness; however, the importance of a country should find the principle of respecting all citizens regardless of their language, race and also religion. This can also be achieved by reviewing the services that a country offers to it citizens. Through my law studies, I wanted to understand the political and legal policy that is crucial part of building a great nation.

In my daily life, I have witnessed challenging times like social inequality and political crisis. Situations where innocent citizens are denied their legal rights and forced to devastating conditions. I have taken this mess to a personal level and felt the desire to add my skills in law industry and help solve this regulatory issues. In a country where legal policies exist, citizens are relatively unaware of the law because their daily life is never interfered with by abuse of power. I have, however, enjoyed studying law and I know that I have gained an opportunity to analyze and evaluate complex concepts and also broaden my skills in problem-solving. Studying law has built up my comprehension of the levers of power in my society in a way that is significantly more powerful than that of political science. Law is straightforwardly apprehensive with power and ventures into all aspects of life. For that very reason, the law is critically important in people's way of life, and I wanted to set myself ready with vital tools to efficiently impact policy in my country.

When I was in law school, I used to walk with my friends in a public park. One day we met several young black boys who were selling snacks probably to get money for their basic needs. In US most black men are mostly mistaken to criminals due to their physical aspects like their dressing code, unkempt hair and also their color. What draw my attention to this young teenagers is because some corps in patrol suspected that they were illegally carrying guns with them. The young boys were frisked and mercilessly beaten regardless of the fact that they had no weapon with them. I felt that the corps denied the young boys their legal rights to carry on with their daily lives peacefully.

I could not stop myself from thinking about how sad it was to watch some innocent citizens being manipulated. Regardless of someone's culture, race and religion, everyone deserves their legal rights and freedom. I wanted to create an environment that feels more just and secure to all citizens. An environment where everyone can enjoy their social rights regardless of their social background. However, I want to utilize my skills in a public policy administration and create an environment where people respect each other. I believe the law is a principle of fairness; however, I know my high success will have a significant contribution with an end goal of generating innovative policy and legal solutions to challenges encountered by citizens. My career can bring reform to public leaders and enhance a respectful nation where social rights and equality are privileged.

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