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Statement Topic and Purpose

Since time immemorial, family violence emerges being common in many of the homes, affecting the victims' both physical and mental states. Family violence is considered being traumatizing since, the family members have emotional ties, and then, the family affects the potential of the human beings. Psychologists and other family scientists are conducting their research to find the possible remedy that could counter the problems with family violence as well as the problems associated with it.

Thesis Statement

The core purpose of the article was to highlight the key terms that characterize family violence with the inclusion of the concept of nonphysical violence with the bid to come with the lasting management.

Works Organization

According to the article by Gina Stepp, family violence explicitly takes different forms, such as child abuse, intimate-partner violence, elder abuse or sibling bullying, to all more, this not only incorporate physical brutality inflicted to the victim, but also the psychological abuse that they go through. This work has shown that the principle of distinguishing family violence has differed with regards to the states, social culture, and beliefs. Taking for instance, as per the report released by the UN study of 2016, nearly 102 out of 192 Member States are yet to have precise legal channels that will distinguish family violence and have the punishment procedure, and shocking enough marital rape is not punishable offense in 53 countries. This article has perceived Intimate-partner violence as one of the major cause of domestic violence.

The term IPV refers to the interpersonal violence among adults within a family setting who have the intimate dating relationship. Gina Stepp additionally looks at the subject named as Intimate-Partner Savagery, terming it as in some cases extended to incorporate viciousness between people who have a close dating relationship. She further addresses the whole subject of children viciousness. Gina concentrates on Family Reclamation as a sound system towards the family brutality rehearses.

Works Style

The working style used in this work is the use of the statistical data from the credible sources to gridlock the arguments; the sources included UN and University research such as University of the New Hampshire University of Canterbury and the University of Massachusetts.


The objective of the research has been achieved by providing reliable evidence showing the prevalence of family violence, eventually discerning the characterization of family violence with regards to the Intimate-partner violence.

Discussion of topic treatment

This topic has been handled with seriousness, focusing on the bottom line of the issues where issues pertaining to family violence, identifying the affected individual, the experience they go through with this kind of violence. It is noted that every individual in the family has the role in tackling family violence.

Discussion of topic to particular audience

This topic targeted the parents, guardians, children, and more distant family, who have the role to play in mending and counteractive action sequence towards reinforcing the social texture that adds to the mental and physical strength of who and what is to come and confront family violence.




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