Solving the Problem - Single Mothers in Poverty. Annotated Bibliography Example.

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In most cases in the world, the single mother suffers from poverty and lack of facilities to feed their families due to lack of skills and balancing of parenthood and their work. Notwithstanding the fact that most single mothers are characterized by lack of relevant skills to meet the employment market, several poor single mothers are as a result of battering, rape and some are forcefully denied their right to education hence they end up lacking the relevant skills to be absorbed into the job pool. This article examines the reasons for women poverty levels and the interventions to alleviate the problems through empowering the unskilled and helping the able ones think of returning to work while offering childcare facilities to enable the adjustment to fit and accommodate the schedule of single parenthood due to low income and working hours.

Brosher, B. (2014, November 14). News - Indiana Public Media | Childcare Costs Can CreateThe cycle of Poverty For Single Moms. Retrieved from

A close analysis of Barbara Harrington video shows how single mothers specifically in Indiana cope up with the rising cost of childcare while facing the challenge of a low-income household. Also, it shows how skilled and productive parents who are attached to affordable daycare that is characterized by affordable daycare and which offers their children with required education showing a stable environment for workers. This is a community intervention to counterattack poverty among single mothers, but which is connected to those who can afford the outlined payment for daycare. However, Barbaras video communicates on how hasty it is to cope up with the high cost and the consequences that single parents face while trying to pay for a safe, better quality and useful daycare for their kids. It is openly seen that it is only the working single mothers who can afford the daycare for their kids who can avoid being chained to poverty. Also, it is worth appealing to claim that women need to be encouraged to get the required knowledge and skills that can empower them to stand on their own while they try to balance the problem of single parenthood.

Whitebook, M., Phillips, D., & Howes, C. (2014). Worthy work, STILL unlivable wages: The early childhood workforce 25 years after the National Child Care Staffing Study. Berkeley, CA: Center for the Study of Child Care Employment. Retrieved from

The research was done by the US Department of Human and Health Services Administration for Families and Children which was done in seven years and connecting findings from various communities and low-income families. The research provides an insight into the effects that childcare programs and policies offer to the low income or rather poor single moms. However, the report communicates on how the State can develop and outline a particular shape of their community childcare centers to suit the needs of the poor single mothers who need special funding to afford the childcare cost. This article addresses the current issues ranging from levels of income to how relevant education is to poverty reduction.

Maldonado, L. C., & Nieuwenhuis, R. (2015). Family policies and single parent poverty in 18 OECD countries, 19782008. Community, Work & Family, 18(4), 395-415. Retrieved from

This journal outlines the relevance of helping the single mothers in the society and low-income families on how to meet their needs and the children they are obligated to take care of. Also, the journal communicates on how single parents with their kids can end up making the community suffer and end up hurting if the matter of unskilled single parenthood continues to exist. The reason why I chose this scholarly reviewed journal is that it outlines the importance of women attending schools, the prevalence of unplanned pregnancies and empowering women to take part in activities that support their future goals towards family life (Maldonado & Nieuwenhuis, 2015). The article communicates that childcare and its affordability will prevail in the community if women with some skills will make an effort of seeking for jobs that can offer them some pay to support childcare systems.

Kincaid, J. (2015). State-federal relations: Obstructive or constructive federalism?. Book of the States. Retrieved from

Having realized that the US is leading in the number of single moms living in poverty, Davisjan (2015) information in the New York Times newspaper outlined that President Obama introduced the billion Dollar expansion of US federal Aid program for all the children and parents who under constrained under low income. This article has high relevance to the topic of alleviating the effects of single moms living in poverty since it outlines that more money will be channeled into systems that safeguard needy families, especially for the single mothers to get a childcare tax credit. Also, the article alleviates the problems that Single moms encounter by expanding free pre-school hours and increasing the number of parents and children who are helped by the proposal.

Brady, D., & Burroway, R. (2012). Targeting, universalism, and single-mother poverty: A multilevel analysis across 18 affluent democracies. Demography, 49(2), 719-746. Retrieved from

I chose this social work journal since it communicates about how the US has many single mothers living in poverty and the democracies that are used to alleviate the problem of poor single mothers in the nation. Brad and Burrows (2012) reviewed article shows that poor single mothers are as a result of household unemployment, the presence of adults in the household and lack of relevant education. The piece communicates the relevance of welfare universalism which is a better approach towards alleviating the problem of poor single parenthood. Therefore, the significance of this article is that it helps individuals to consider the aspect of showing concern for others without considering their race, nationalism or color to the point of reducing the prevalence of single mothers due to battering.

In conclusion, it has been found out that poverty levels among single parents are due to lack of support, lack of relevant skills to compete in the job market and battering that is evident in marriages resulting to divorce. Therefore, a thorough insight into the peer-reviewed journals states that individuals, social communities, and the State should work together and apply the concept of Universality in establishing childcare facilities that can enable the single mothers to engage themselves in money making business practices and those with skills to try their lack in the employment sector.

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