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Gang violence negatively affects the economy and security of a state. State resources are used to attend to victims of assault-connected injuries, which in turn costs taxpayers hence affecting the economy. Manpower is also lost during homicides. Drug smuggling and sale may lead to truancy and increase in delinquency. Offenders may also be arrested and confined in a juvenile correctional facility while awaiting future imprisonment (Howell, The Impact of Gangs on Communities, 2006, pp. 5-6). However, according to Howell (2006, pp.5-6), criminal justice units underreport gang violence hence the impacts may also be underestimated.

Prevention strategies

The law enforcement agencies should work with the affected communities to educate the youth on life-skills and negative impacts of gang violence. Alternative economic activities and rehabilitation may also be availed to gang members once arrested, hence preventing them from committing more serious criminal acts. Law enforcers should also disband the established gangs and enforce curfews to prevent these gangs violent operations (Rachel, 2011, pp. 6-7).

The effects of gang violence on law enforcement management and priorities

Gangs smuggle drugs through organized movements. The law enforcement find it challenging to track and stop drug smuggling gangs especially when some officers are involved. Some police officers work with the gangs willingly or are forced to corporate especially if their family is in endangered. This makes it difficult for the law enforcement teams to execute their mandate for maintaining law and peace which is their priority.

The traditional gang structure is deteriorating making it difficult for law enforcement bodies difficult to carry on their mandate. For instance, those member of a gang that break away instead of following the gang protocol for conducting their business, when they have an issue they take it to the street. When multiple of such incidences occur law enforcement agencies find it difficult to trace perpetrators.

When gangs separate and operate in different organized manner, the law enforcers find it difficult to deal with them. That way of operation makes it difficult for the enforcers to trace patterns and arrest the culprits. For instance, there are neighborhood gangs or those affiliated to particular gangs and this keep the gang violence growing.

When old gang leaders are released from prison they tend to remain their thrown from the young in charger. The outcome is intergenerational gang violence that spill to the surrounding communities. The gang leaders who are arrested and imprisoned are replaced by the young who rarely want to leave the thrown once the former leader arrives.

Gangs do not live in territories they claim making it hard to track their hiding places. Gang member move to suburbs they were not brought up in and return to their territories when they have business for instance in the weekends. This trend makes it difficult to track the gang member and make an arrest and prosecute them, which a priority of the law enforcement teams.

In conclusion, criminal justice unit is tasked with promoting quality of lives by preventing crime. Gang violence poses a threat to a states economy and security. The Law enforcement units should, therefore, use efficient interventions to deal with the risk factors that lead to involvement in gang violence, hence promoting security and quality of lives.



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