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Omar's Scenario

From the play, it can be evident that Omar has strength in working alone. He can be able to achieve set of activities alone and does not need the intercession of others to help them achieve their work. He has shown determination and perseverance in accomplishing their work given that he does not care what happens to him. Therefore, I will teach him the spirit of sharing and being kind but allow him to achieve his tasks alone. It is because, when there is stress which has been exerted when I did ask him to pick and put away the car, he did shy and start staring at a far corner while sucking his thumb. It shows that Omar cannot work with the team and force him to share and work with others in future can even frustrate the parents and the child. That thus calls for the teacher and the parents to build him within this personality. However, the child has demonstrated a lack of self-worth and esteem since he can't defend his ground by asking the reason why he is asked to give out the car model. Besides, Omar shows that he is not kind, he fears and is not ready to help given that he hid run and hid in a corner. Therefore, the potential areas of need for Omar are to develop the self-confidence and improve his emotional behavior by developing the spirit of teamwork kindness to one another. To make a conclusion on Omar's character or behavior, there are various factors which can be considered and they include whether the child has been exposed to some conditions which cause fear or if they have been having some emotional problems which make them hate or dislike interacting with people. To accomplish these, the main goal is to be exposed to other environments and be put with other children so as to socialize and improve the ability of reasoning and adopt the characters of kindness to others.

Ty Scenario

Even though Ty is shy, there are various strengths which he can display. These include being one with cautious thinking, approachable and can easily be told to join the group since he can be spotted smiling to the other children who are Rion and Calvin. He is also quiet which can give calming effects on other children since most children will take his condition of being shy as being calm. These also give a symbol to others that he is good and innocent hence high level of trust among his peers. However, shyness portrays a lack of self-worth and confidence. He cannot take a move and bring change in his life. Besides, it depicts that the child cannot be an activist for change.

To make a clear conclusion on the character of the child, there is additional information we need to acquire. They can be linked with the following questions:

Can Ty speak before his peers and share confidently among them?

Is he kind to others as it is portrayed in the smile as he stares Calvin and Rion?

Does he have some hidden qualities but they are just being suppressed by other external factors?

When the answers to these questions are got, then it can be deduced that Ty is shy and thus need a hand to overcome it.

The measurable goal which can help Ty overcome this shy characters and low self-esteem is to indulge in setting for him a model of outgoing behavior which shall assist him to interact with other children hence helping him to realize his worth and socialize with others freely. Besides, given that the block can accommodate 3 persons, then Ty can be included and enabled to join Calvin and Rion and his behavior to be monitored over a given period of time

Sam's Scenario

Aggressive behaviors are sometimes common among the children who are in the head-start or kindergarten. These make them develop certain characters which thwart their humility, intellectual empathy and kindness to their friends and peers. In this case, Sam is not an exception. Sam can be said to possess an aggressive behavior since he like confrontation and ready to fight. The main remedy for this is to set for his firm and consistent limits, finding for him new ways in which he can deal with anger, instill in him some self-control by teaching them not to kick, hit and damage and avoid encouraging toughness and avoid physical punishments. In the analysis of his character as well as behavior, there is some strength which can be noted. The child is a go getter and can achieve lead to greater heights if his power and bravery are natured and fine-tuned to be a positive and help him achieve the set objectives both in school and at home. Besides, he has the ability to command and get things one. It shows that when given an opportunity to lead if this character persists in future, they can be autocratic leaders. However, there are some weaknesses which are depicted in the behavior of Sam. He lacks empathy to his peers and does not feel anything even if he swats the blocks of his peers. Besides, Sam has shown poor communication skills, and impairment of socialization, a problem which is mainly caused by aggressive behavior among children. He can be one who creates or lead one to problems since by throwing himself down someone can believe that it is his friend Marcus who have destroyed his blocks hence landing Marcus to such problems.

In the case of Sam, the behaviors are enough to define his character as well as the behavior, and any other questions should not be asked for clarity on the issues. It is not too late to nurture such behaviors since Sam is still barely two and a half years old. Therefore, Sam can be exposed to some teachings which can rectify her conducts and ensures this happens, there is need to develop for him measurable goals which can guide her behavior and character. Develop anger management strategies, enhance the parenting skills through reading and enhance and implement a role play as well as an alternative to aggression. These will tame his character of Sam hence enabling him to be a role model and a go getter thus a solution to societal problems in future.



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